Chicago Tents: Why You Should Rent a Portable Bar

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There are many different logistical items you need to take care of when planning an outdoor event. This is because an outdoor event deals with many more uncontrollable variables, like the elements, than an indoor one would. 

One way you can ensure you have an impeccable and successful outdoor event is by renting Chicago tents with portable bars. Never considered it before?

In the article below, we explain why a portable bar is an absolute necessity for your next party tent. 

Increase Your Revenue Options

If you are looking to make mega profits from your outdoor event, then door or ticket prices just won’t cut it. They might make you a bit of cash, but your biggest cash cow will be the sales of alcohol and other beverages. 

With a portable bar set up in your tent, you can ensure that no matter what the weather is like, you will always have the free flow of alcohol sales going on.

Most folks will want to easily purchase alcoholic beverages and they don’t want to carry cash around with them. With a portable bar, you can make it easy for them to use credit cards and other payment methods to pay for their drinks all day and all night long. 

Easy to Setup and Dismantle

The great thing about portable bars is that they are so easy to set up. You don’t need a huge crew to install a portable bar in your tent. 

And once you are done with the portable bar, it’s as easy to dismantle it.

This is because they are built using lightweight materials like aluminum, which ensures that they are robust and can handle a lot of wear and tear. But they are also easy enough to move around, no matter where you want to take your portable bar. 

The portability is important because if you have an outdoor event, you can have the bar outdoors, until or unless it starts raining, at which point you can move it indoors again. This flexibility is necessary when running an outdoor event because you never know what is coming your way. 

Portable bars also come with wheels, which can be locked in place. This makes moving them around so much easier. 

Also, some portable bars are compact and foldable, which means you can fold them up once you are done using them. This allows you to save on space and helps your event space look less cluttered.

And if you have a smaller event space, you don’t have to worry about your portable bar taking up an inordinate amount of space, choking the flow of traffic through your event.

Keep in remind that even though portable bars look like your typical conventional static bars, because they have all the amenities that a typical bar would have, they are not conventional at all. That’s why it’s so useful to have one of these portable bars at your next outdoor event. 

Can Control the Amount of Alcohol Flowing

One of the problems of holding an outdoor event is that you have to be careful about the various illegal and legal drugs and controlled substances floating around. With a portable bar in place, at least you can feel like you are controlling the amount of alcohol flowing through the event.

If someone gets too drunk, the bartender has the discretion along with security to stop alcohol sales to that person. You also have the discretion to stop the sales of alcohol at some point, if you feel like the crowd is getting too rowdy and needs some tempering. 

Customizable up to a Point

When you visit a Chicago tent rental company, they will be able to give you a lowdown on all the ways portable bars can be customized to your needs. The bars are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose depending on your tent and event size.

Also, the bar comes in various design formats as well, so you can choose the one that fits your event ambiance best. 

Make Your Outdoor Party More Fun and Stress-Free

Planning an outdoor event is stressful enough. No matter if it’s a pool party or a music festival, you are going to be dealing with dozens of different logistical issues.

With a portable bar in place, at least you don’t have to agonize about that aspect of your party. You can rest assured that you will always have a good flow of alcohol and other beverages through the crowd, so no one can complain about being thirsty. 

You can feel a bit more carefree when setting up a portable bar for your event, worrying less about all those “what if” scenarios when it comes to your alcohol sales. 

Won’t Break the Bank

Not only will you make money through alcohol sales, but you can also rest assured that a portable bar won’t break your event budget. Portable bars are quite affordable for events of all shapes and sizes. 

Even if you have a smaller budget for your event, you can still get a portable bar for your event. It’s absolutely within reach of all events, big or small.

Chicago Tents Boost Your Outdoor Event Specs

If you are currently planning an outdoor event, then consider all the benefits of portable bars shared above first. Chicago tents rentals are becoming more popular as outdoor events gain traction. 

Not sure if a portable bar would be suitable for your event? Contact us today and we can help you figure out exactly what kind of tent and bar would be perfect for your specific event. 

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