Finding the Perfect Party Tent Rental Company in Chicago

party tent rental in chicago

Are you looking for an easier way to throw a large party without sacrificing any fun?

Take your party outdoors with a beautiful, spacious party tent rental in Chicago!

For starters, you immediately save on party decor.

Party tents are surrounded by nature and gorgeous views, making scenic areas in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Glenview, and more places ideal spots for large gatherings. Even better, kids have more space to play and aren’t stuck indoors. 

The above benefits leave more room and resources for outdoor entertainment like live bands, inflatable bounce houses, potato sack races, and more fun. 

Make sure your next party is a hit (without the stress) with this complete guide to hiring a tent rental company.

Make a Party Plan First

Finding the right party rental solution is so much easier when you have a plan. This way, you can get the right size, material, and design for your needs.

First, create a party planning checklist so you don’t miss any details. 

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Are you throwing a wedding reception or a family reunion?
  • Are you planning a party for winter or summer?
  • Will children be in attendance?
  • Will you be hiring a catering service?
  • Do you want an enclosed or open feel?
  • What’s the decor theme of your party?
  • Will you be hiring a live band?
  • Do you want a dance floor in your party tent rental?

Ask as many questions as possible to narrow down the details of your event to get the right tent. Creating a checklist is the first step in making a party budget; it also prevents you from going over budget.

Leave room for adjustments, as well. If the party guest list grows, you can always upgrade to a larger tent. For example, Indestructo Party Rental offers seven types of party tents, including accessories, lighting, sidewall options, and more.

Types of Party Tents

After nailing down the event details, familiarize yourself with the different party tent rentals available.

Refer to your checklist when choosing a tent type. For example, if you’re throwing a large circus-themed party for kids, adults (or both), start with the Festival & Circus tent. 

Festival & Circus Party Tent Rental In Chicago

This retro-style tent comes with traditional red and white striped material, creating a nostalgic feel. It also stands out, which helps guests find the event easier, especially if the party is nestled in a wooded area.

This type of tent rental is also ideal for school carnivals, neighborhood block parties, sweet sixteen parties, and art fairs. You can also enclose your tent with various sidewall options. 

High Peak Tents

Do you want even higher tent peaks for your outdoor event?

High peak tents have tall ceilings and sophisticated curves, perfect for more formal outdoor events, like weddings, social clubs, auctions, and more.

Sometimes, the weather can be unpredictable. Fortunately, these tents are also built tough to withstand rainy and windy days.

Clear Top Tents

Are you planning a big summer wedding, reunion, garden party, or backyard birthday party?

Clear top tents are growing in popularity among party planners. They’re perfect for clear, sunny days at the park or in your own backyard. Kids think the clear material is pretty cool while guests love the natural decor of the great outdoors.

Add clear sidewalls to your clear tent rental for a really cool effect. Like circus tents, clear tents are also great for kids and sweet sixteen parties.

Enhance Your Event with Frame Tents

Are you throwing a poolside party, a courtyard event, or a private event at an art museum?

You need a party tent that doesn’t distract or obstruct the main attraction. That’s why frame tents are designed to fit into smaller spaces. They’re ideal for pool parties since you can install them up against the wall or gate of the pool grounds.

Suppose you’re throwing a reception in a courtyard with statues, fountains, and public gardens. A frame tent would allow guests to walk around the area more freely to enjoy the surroundings.

You can also rent frame tents for your driveway if you’re throwing a reunion at home.

Pole Tents

One of the most popular options is the poll tent rental (or the party tent rental.)

These simple and traditional tents are held in place with center and side poles. The tent canopy comes with a lovely wavy trim, ideal for large outdoor picnic parties.

Pole tents look great at arts and crafts fairs, festivals, and outdoor school events. They also pair well with other tent styles, like frame tents, clear tents, and high peak tents. A combination of tent styles works great for large outdoor events, like fairs, music festivals, and private estate events.

Pole tents are a top choice for small to medium-sized parties, as they fit perfectly in backyards.

More Details to Consider

Do you want to cover a walkway or create a covered entranceway to your party or reception?

Talk to an Indestructo expert about adding marquee or walkway tents to your outdoor event. They’re also good for sunny days to keep the sun out of guests’ eyes.

Walkway tents also function as regular tents for outdoor events. The tent’s narrow size is perfect for informational booths at fairs.

How long do you need the party tent?

If you need a tent for a long-term corporate event space, talk to an expert about upgrading to a clear structures tent. These tents are built to support long-term placement, making them perfect for tradeshows, conventions, and sporting events.

Find the Best Party Tent Rental in Chicago 

Ensure you have everything you need for a successful event or party. A party tent rental in Chicago will give you the space and design versatility you need to pull off a memorable event.

Keep this guide handy as you create your party planning checklist.

Are you ready to rent a tent for your party?

Request a quote today to get the ball rolling, or contact us to learn more about our options.

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