How Special Event Linens Can Help Decorate Your Event Venue

special event linens

This year, we’re expecting a record-breaking number of weddings to take place. Around 2.5 million, to be exact, due in part to couples that postponed due to COVID-19. 

Whether you’re planning a wedding or another big event, you want the reception to look good. 

From the drinks and menu to the music, there’s so much to consider. However, one area that you can’t afford to forget is the special event linens. This simple touch can make your reception elegant and glamorous, elevating the look of your table and chairs. 

Here’s why you need linens for your decor, as well as tips to help make your event special. 

You Can Incorporate Special Colors 

Deciding on the wedding color scheme is one of the most exciting parts of the decoration process. It ties the entire event together, from the bridesmaid dresses to the flowers. Some brides choose seasonal hues, while others opt for their favorite colors. 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, graduation party, concert, fundraiser, birthday party, quinceañera, or another event, the colors are one of the best ways to tie all the decorations together. One way to play with these colors is to use them when decorating your tables. 

Tablecloths and Runners

Clean, white tablecloths serve as the perfect canvas. However, you can also choose tablecloths in your selected colors.

For instance, if you’re having a spring wedding, you may choose a light peach for the tablecloth or an earthy green to go with a spring color palette. If you’re hosting a company fundraiser, you may choose brand colors. 

Interested in a more subdued color palette? Choose a white tablecloth with a colored runner and let the tablescape make the statement. Whether it’s a small bouquet of flowers at each table or an elegant place setting, these are also areas to add a pop of color. 

And don’t forget about the napkins. Cloth napkins in your event’s colors are a small touch that makes a big difference. Incorporate a decorative napkin ring for a bit of elegance and charm. 

Chair Covers

Special event linens also include chair covers. Of course, you can leave your rental chairs as they are, but placing a chair cover over them gives the event a high-end look. 

At weddings and many other types of special events, it’s common to see a bow tied around the back of the chair. These bows make excellent statement pieces, especially when you choose a color to represent the event. 

For instance, you might choose a color from a wedding palette for the bow. A colorful bow really makes a statement against a clean, white chair cover. 

Special Event Linens Add Elegance

One of the most important parts of an outdoor event is acquiring the rentals, from the tables and chairs to the tent. You need a place to keep your guests comfortable no matter what Chicago weather brings. 

After setting up the tables and chairs, placing linens makes the event space look clean, comfortable, and inviting. It adds elegance and makes the event look professional and put-together. Linens are the backdrop to your decorations and the essential first step in decorating an event space.

For more formal events, such as a fundraising gala, a crisp white for the tablecloth and chairs makes a perfect choice. It’s clean and classic and allows you to add a pop of color with the decorations.

Flowers, vases with candles, seasonal decor, and table scatter are all ways to add visual interest and color to a white tablecloth. 

At an outdoor event, you may choose not to cover the chairs. This is often done when decorating for casual events or if you want a more laid-back feel. It’s also practical, as chair covers can get dirty outside. 

You can create an upscale look in other ways, such as incorporating a table runner and decorating each table. Matching decorations at each table create a cohesive look that brings the entire area together. Don’t forget that the table setting plays an important role in the look and feel of the event. 

Consider the Tablecloth Drop

When selecting linens for your event, it’s important to consider the length of the tablecloth. Long tablecloths look elegant and sophisticated, which is why you need to consider the drop. 

Drop is the amount of overhang of the tablecloth. Shorter drops, around six or eight inches, is acceptable for casual events. However, formal events usually have tablecloths with a drop of around 15 inches, or a full drop length of 30 inches.  

To calculate the exact size tablecloth you’ll need, measure the table size. For round tables, measure the diameter, subtract it from the linen diameter, and divide by two. 

Here’s an example. You want to achieve a full drop and you have a 60-inch round table. A linen diameter of 120 inches minus 60 inches equals 60 inches. Take 60 and divide it by two to get 30 inches for a full drop length. 

Of course, calculating the right size linens for your event can get complicated, which is why talking with your rental company is the best way to get an idea of what you need to order. Ask questions about the services they offer, as you can usually get all the rental equipment you need at once, from the tent to the tables to the linens. 

Make Your Event Memorable 

You know the date, you have the venue, and now it’s time to set up the tent rental and decorations. Special event linens can take any event to the next level, creating a sophisticated and comfortable space for your guests. Make sure to use these tips to incorporate the right tablecloths, runners, napkins, and chair covers for your big day. 

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