Unique Chicago Holiday Party Rental Ideas

CHicago holiday party rental ideas

Drawing a crowd is only part of holiday party planning; it’s the combination of the best holiday party venue and fun holiday party ideas that make a festive holiday gathering over-the-top. From the smallest touches that ensure guest comfort to creative holiday entertainment, these festive holiday party ideas make your gathering a holiday gathering guests look forward to (almost as much as the holiday season!).


Treat your holiday party guests to a large-screen event. Invite your guests to enjoy delicious holiday treats while enjoying the holiday movie classics on a big Hollywood-sized screen. If you want to make the event interactive, ask your guests to vote for their favorite holiday flicks then use their input to give them the ultimate holiday countdown.

Portable Bar

Give your holiday party a unique twist by serving specialized holiday drinks mixed just for the occasion or a tasting that guests’ll talk about long after the holidays are over. Depending on the guest list, decide the best tasting for the event; popular choices are wine, beer, or another popular beverage. Your unique bar can be the talk of the night (with the right look and linens), and the most popular holiday party entertainment by far.

Fun Food

If the goal of your holiday party is all about mingling, give them a chance to interact in more ways than just a buffet line. Add interactive food tables, such as a cookie decorating station or a cocoa with creative fixings. Position these tables, as well as tables with warm treats (it does get cold in Chicago, after all!), throughout the holiday party. Rent food service containers for those hot treats; your guests aren’t going to warm up with lukewarm holiday cuisine.

Sound System

Don’t make your emcee go hoarse at this year’s holiday party. Rent a sound system that can add to the professional atmosphere or give the event guests direction as they circulate and mingle. A sound system can also be invaluable for a live entertainment act; if the act is a band, add a dance floor to the holiday party rental checklist.

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn is a crowd favorite, making it a popular draw at the door and inside the event. A popcorn machine can be a great addition to a holiday movie party, holiday carnival, or any other themed holiday gathering.


A heater may not be the first holiday party rental idea that comes to mind, but it can go a long way toward ensuring your guests enjoy themselves—and that they’re comfortable. If you are using a holiday party venue that’s not suited for a cold Chicago winter, rent a heater to warm up the occasion; add fun holiday party ideas to make it a festive and memorable holiday event.

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