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At Indestructo Rental Company, planning the perfect party is a way of life. We know what it takes to throw the perfect party, no matter what the occasion is. For many individuals, however, planning a party may be entirely new and completely overwhelming. Our team is here to help. Here, we will provide you with several party planning tips and explain how our party rental service company can help.

Party Planning Is Vital for Success

When it comes to pulling off the perfect party, planning is a vital step that needs to be taken. You will need to consider several factors when planning your event, determining the party rental service you need, and more.

Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Party

There are several things you should do in order to plan the perfect party. 

Selecting the Date and Time for Your Gathering

The first thing that you need to do is plan the date and time that you will have the party. Quite often, this can completely influence what you will need for your party. If you are having a party in the winter months, you may need a heated tent for your outdoor gathering. If you are opting for the summer months, a dance floor may be needed. If you are having a night party, adequate lighting is a must.

You should give yourself plenty of time to get everything together and let all of your invitees know when and where to show up. Take into consideration that the spring months tend to be very busy for weddings, and December tends to be a busy month for holiday parties. You can still plan for this time; however, you should give yourself enough time to order your party rental service equipment for your event. 

Determining the Budget

Another vital factor that will have a major influence on your party planning is your budget. You need to determine how much money you are willing to spend on your party. This will help you determine what type of equipment you need, how much food to get, how many guests you can comfortably host, and various other factors.

Consider running through a few scenarios to determine how much it will cost to host a party for 50, 100, or more people. This can help provide you with a better idea of how much you can expect to spend per guest and can help your party rental service company help you plan the perfect event without spending more than you had intended. 

Deciding on the Guest List

When planning your party, one of the first questions your party rental service company will ask is how many people will be attending. This can influence the size of the tent you rent, how much food you want, and various other factors. Determining how many guests will attend your party is something that you want to do early on in the planning process to avoid any issues later on. 

Consider Hiring a Catering Company

Deciding on what type of food you will have at your party is important. Trying to cook everything on your own may seem daunting, overwhelming, and time-consuming. In some cases, it may be best to consider hiring a party rental service or a catering company to take care of this task for you. The caterer will be able to provide you with a buffet-style spread, a menu of food options, and even drinks for your guests. You can decide which types of food you deserve and have a caterer take care of it for you.

Do Not Forget the Invitations

There are several methods you can go with for invitations. You can opt for an old-school style handwritten invitation, a printed card, or even a cyber invite through social media. No matter what option you go with, it is important to give your guests plenty of time to let you know whether they will show up. 

You can include the date, time, location, dress code, and various other details on the invitation. This will help your guests better understand what is expected of them, aside from having a good time. 

Design a Music List for Your Party

Great music is vital for any great event. You must plan early on the type of music that you want at your event. This can help to determine if you need to rent a stage or even a walkway from a party rental service. The music you select should be appropriate for the type of party you are planning. 

Use a Checklist to Plan Your Party

Making a list when planning your party may not always cut it. Rather than simply writing everything down that you need to do, it is better to create a checklist of everything. This provides you with the ability to check off each task as you complete it. This will help to ensure that nothing is left undone. 

When planning and laying out your checklist, it is important to leave space for notes. This can provide you with a chance to jot down quick notes that you can return to later. 

Choose Your Theme and Decorations

It is important to determine the theme for your party. This can help influence the type of decorations you need to buy or rent from a party rental service company. Determine if you need drapes, lighting, liners, leg drapes, swags, and other accessories. 

When planning the theme for your party, you should first consider what the party is for. Is it a wedding? Are you planning an anniversary party? Is it a holiday gathering? This can help to influence the theme you can implement. It is important to remember that the more unusual the theme or obscure, the more difficult it may be to find decorations for it and the more it may cost to pull it all together. A party rental service can help to provide you with many accessories to help you pull the entire event together.

Do Not Do Everything on Your Own

Trying to plan a party without the assistance of a party rental service could lead you to spend far more money than you need to. Instead, it is in your best interest to seek assistance from our professionals.

See How Our Party Rental Service Company Can Help!

Since 1895, Indestructo Rental Company has been providing tent rental and awning services for individuals across Chicagoland. We offer quality products at competitive prices, ensuring you are able to find all of the equipment you need for your party that fits your budget. If you are interested in renting tents, tables, chairs, or other party equipment, contact our team today by calling (847) 375-8510 to get started. 

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