Why Work With a Tent Rental Company for an Outdoor Festival?

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Regardless of its scale, organizing an outdoor festival takes a lot of work. We at Indestructo Party Rental have been a part of numerous successful festivals and events in the Chicagoland area by supplying the greatest quality equipment, delivering it on schedule, and installing everything exactly as our clients envisioned. As a reputable party equipment and tent rental company with a successful track record, our top priority is gaining your trust for the long haul. Here’s why you should work with us for your next outdoor festival:

Why Work With Us?

Full Equipment Installation and Clean-up

By working with Indestructo Party Rental, you don’t have to stress about finding different rentals from several vendors, expertly setting them up, and taking them down once your event is over. Our tent rental company has everything you need in-house, and we take charge of all equipment installations and removals. Our frame tents may be set up on top of decks, patios, and driveways by simply staking them into the ground or anchoring them with weights.  Additionally, frame tents may be pitched up against other tents or buildings for added stability. When necessary, a site inspection may be arranged in order to identify the suitable tent size and position.

High-Quality Party Rentals at Affordable Prices

With our tent rental company, you won’t have to source your own party equipment at expensive retail prices. Because of our well-stocked inventory, we are able to offer our clients an impressive supply of options at the most competitive prices in the entire Chicagoland area.

A Wide Variety of Options

Indestructo Party Rental is not just a tent rental company. We offer everything from party concession equipment, exhibit and trade show booths, food and beverage catering service equipment, chairs, tables, linens and decor, and more. We’ve been in the event supply industry for several decades and know what it takes to make each event, no matter how big or small, an absolute success.

What Our Outdoor Festival Package Includes

By working with our tent rental company for your next summer festival, you get access to our exclusive outdoor festival package that includes the following:

10’ x 10’ Tents

Our tent rental company has several 10’x10’ outdoor tents available that you can use for dining areas, buffet and beverage service areas, concession stands, displays, activity or game areas, ticket booths, and more. For other tent options, we offer pole tents, frame tents, high peak tents, clear top tents, festival or circus tents, marquees, walkways, and clearspan structures, just to name a few.


Tent sidewalls are additional protective barriers added to the sides of your tents to help further protect your guests, food, beverages, and other important components of your event from the elements. Sidewalls can serve as additional entry and exit points during your event or as tall windows to bring some light into your tents.

Concession Equipment 

In addition to the practical tent structures that our tent rental company provides, we also offer concession equipment to help make your event more fun and interactive. Concessions are a convenient way to engage people of all ages at any outdoor function, especially when incorporated into a summer-themed event! Our concession equipment line-up includes a hot dog steamer, popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, and a nacho machine.

Coolers, Ice Chests, and Chill & Fill Tables

Our tent rental company also offers several cooling or chilling options for your food and beverages that include coolers and ice chests for your bottles and cans, as well as chill & fill tables to display seafood, desserts, or any other arranged edible items you’d like to serve cold.

Big John BBQ Grills

Got an idea to serve barbeque at your outdoor festival? We’ve got you covered there, too. At Indestructo Party Rental, our tent rental company wants to make sure we’re always providing excellent solutions for outdoor entertaining, which includes commercial Big John BBQ grills as part of our rental selection. Big John Grills are unrivaled when it comes to the quality of their products, the longevity of their equipment, and their dedication to customer service.

Crowd Control Barricades

The use of crowd control barriers to direct the flow of attendees is a crucial aspect of event organization. Our tent rental companies offer barricades that can support considerable weight while still being manageable enough for festival organizers to use. When there are significant numbers of people in any given location, crowd control barricades can help keep all of your attendees safe. They also help people find their way around your event and make sure everyone goes where they should and not where they shouldn’t.

Garbage Cans

While special events may be great revenue generators for cities, venues, and the hospitality industry as a whole, they also tend to come with a lot of waste. If there aren’t enough trash cans around at your event, your venue will quickly look messy and unappealing to your guests. If you are anticipating having a high number of people at your event, you will want additional garbage cans and recycling containers placed in various areas. Our outdoor festival package includes a convenient supply of garbage cans for your next event to accommodate everyone you have in attendance.

Top-Rated Tent Rental Company in Libertyville, IL 

We know that repeat customers are the backbone of every successful company. Our mission at Indestructo Party Rental is to become our clients’ go-to party rental company by exceeding their expectations for service and product quality over and over again. Through personalized service, open lines of communication, and a commitment to excellence, we are able to develop lasting connections with our clients that make us the top tent rental company in Libertyville, IL, and around the Chicagoland area.

Our tents are perfect for every event–big or little, formal or informal, private or public– since they instantly transform any outdoor space into a lively, festive environment. We’ve worked in every imaginable setting, including backyards, parks, private estates, streets, parking lots, and more, and our collection of tents and party equipment is second to none. Contact us today to request a custom quote for your next outdoor festival!

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