Why You Need a Backyard Party Tent for July Fourth

backyard party tent

With Independence Day coming up in just a few more weeks, people all across the country are starting to plan for their festivities. For private gatherings, Fourth of July parties usually mean intimate get-togethers at someone’s house, with someone manning the grill outside. This year, why not throw a big outdoor party for all of your family and friends? It’s halfway into the year, and everyone deserves a break to enjoy the summer and reconnect with each other. If you’re looking for the most fun way to bring everyone together, consider renting a backyard party tent.

Why You Need a Backyard Party Tent

A backyard party tent comes in different shapes and sizes to accommodate all of your outdoor party needs. Here are some of the key benefits of renting one for your Fourth of July event:

Shade & Protection for Your Guests

A backyard party tent not only provides covering for your guests in case of rainy weather, but it also allows them much-needed shade and comfort from the sun’s rays. Furthermore, if you’re sharing a meal together and there’s a bit of a breeze out, a backyard party tent provides protection against the wind blowing off plates or carrying loose debris onto your party tables.

Easy to Decorate

Your backyard party tent can also function as an additional structure where you can hang up your Fourth of July-themed decorations. You can wrap the entire edges of the tent with some patriotic bunting or string a series of red, white, and blue flags across the beams. Backyard party tents are also easy to deck out with floral arrangements, ribbons, and even some mood-setting string lighting.

Accommodate a Bigger Crowd

With a backyard party tent, you won’t have to worry too much about getting an accurate headcount. Hosting your party outside means that there is more space for people to move around and mingle versus bumping into each other and feeling cooped up together indoors.

Easy to Clean Up

A backyard party tent makes it easier for you to host a large gathering without worrying about cleaning your whole house after. With your party outside, it’s easier to clean up after any accidental spills, and it’s just nicer in general for guests with little children not to worry about making a mess inside your house.

Costs Less Than a Venue Rental

Possibly the best benefit of a backyard party tent is that it’s way less expensive to rent than an indoor event venue. Whether you host your Fourth of July event on your property or secure a spot at the neighborhood park, having your party outdoors is excellent for cost savings as well as more fun for everyone.

Backyard Party Ideas for Intimate Gatherings & Large Events

If you’re looking for different ways to celebrate our nation’s independence this year, here are a few ideas that might get your imagination running:


What would a Fourth of July party be without the classic American cookout? Set up some picnic tables under your backyard party tent, decorate them with all the patriotic regalia, and fire up the grill for some comfort food and refreshing summer beverages.


Anyone who claims they hate brunch is simply lying. What’s better than enjoying a smorgasbord of different breakfast and lunch dishes with your friends, sipping on mimosas or palomas? Consider adorning your champagne flutes with red, white, and blue ribbons, or you can even come up with an Independence Day-themed charcuterie spread of several American snack favorites, such as pretzels, fruits, and cheeses.

Dinner and Fireworks

If you’re going for more of an intimate and relaxing gathering, celebrate the Fourth of July with your friends by hosting an adult outdoor dinner party, followed by some festive fireworks afterward. This would also be an excellent type of party to really play up your outdoor mood lighting. Scatter some LED tea lights all around your backyard party tent and dinner table, play some music, and maybe even have a firepit nearby for extra coziness.

Outdoor Charity Event

If you’re planning a large event for the public, consider an outdoor charity event with several backyard party tents. For activities, you can host an auction of patriotic memorabilia or even raffle off an exciting trip for two to the nation’s capital. Encourage your guests to come in their best red, white, or blue attire, pop some champagne, and highlight the evening with an engaging firework show to remember.

Fun Ideas for Your Fourth of July Backyard Party

Now that you’ve decided what type of party you’re going to have, how are you going to keep your guests entertained? Give one of these party activities a try:

4th of July Bingo

Fourth of July bingo is much like regular bingo but with an American twist. Instead of numbers, you can use Fourth of July celebration symbols like fireworks, stars, burgers, pinwheels, and more to make your bingo cards more visually engaging. If you’re unable to design the cards yourself, you can find several pre-made bingo cards on the internet and conveniently print them at home.

Independence Day Trivia

Trivia sessions are always a great way to get everyone engaged and excited. Split your group up into teams and challenge them with Independence Day or American pop culture trivia, and, in true competitive spirit, have them vie for a special prize.

Stars & Stripes Cornhole Boards

While you can purchase patriotic-themed cornhole boards at the store or online, you can also take regular cornhole boards and DIY them to your heart’s content. On the day of your party, you can set them up next to your backyard party tent as something fun for your guests to do between bites of food, drinks, or conversations. 

Rent a Backyard Party Tent in Winnetka, IL

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