Backyard Party Rentals for the Perfect Get-Together

backyard party rentals

For several decades, Indestructo Party Rental has been fulfilling the party requirements of Chicagoland by offering the best backyard party rentals at the best prices, backed by the most knowledgeable and helpful staff in the industry. We’ve got you covered for every occasion, no matter how big or little, from public festivals to backyard bashes to formal weddings. Here are just some of the rentals we offer to help make your next backyard party a success:

Backyard Party Rentals You Need at Your Next Party

Tent Rentals

Whether you’re hosting a street fair or a private garden soirée, it goes without saying that the weather can be unpredictable, and whether or not you have tent rentals can either make or break the success of your event. Tents are indispensable backyard party rentals that come in several sizes to suit every function. They’re an easy and convenient way to provide sun and weather protection for your guests or vendors and caterers, ensuring that your event can be enjoyed by everyone, rain or shine.


Tent sidewalls, often called tent curtains, are attached to the tent’s eaves and serve as an additional barrier for weather protection. These backyard party rentals may be designed to complement the tent’s top canopy or the structure’s overall shape, just as you can choose between several tent styles and sizes. Tent sidewalls come in a variety of styles and materials to accommodate any occasion. Depending on the situation, they may be made to appear like windows or even serve as additional entry or exit stations. Tents with sidewalls look and feel more professional and are ideal for formal events like weddings, concerts, and graduation parties. 

Tent Lighting

If you’re hosting an evening backyard party or event, it’s highly recommended that you get backyard party rentals that include tent lighting. More than just a practical way to illuminate your party, your tent lighting can be customized and styled according to your special occasion’s theme and décor. Tent lights are safe, outdoor LED lights that come in different colors (warm white, cool white, multicolor) and can be arranged however you like, whether strewn beautifully under your tent’s beams or grouped together to make grand outdoor chandeliers.

Wooden Garden Chairs

Wooden chairs are still the superior choice over plastic chairs for event planners everywhere. For one, wooden chairs are sturdier than plastic chairs, ensuring that your guests are adequately supported throughout your entire event. Additionally, these backyard party rentals are also more comfortable and provide a more elegant appeal than plastic. Consider adding some floral touches, fabric, or other decor to your wooden chairs to really make them coincide with the rest of your event’s theme.

Service Tables

For an outdoor event where you’re serving beverages or food buffet-style, service tables are essential backyard party rentals that provide a convenient area for your guests to check out your event’s menu and refill on their refreshments. What’s more, these 6 to 8-foot tables aren’t just for food service; you can also use them as interactive activity stations, gift or raffle tables, and more. When in doubt if you’ll have enough table space at your next event, it always helps to get an extra service table. You’ll be glad you took the initiative to allow your guests more room to enjoy themselves.

Chaffing Dishes and Coffee Service

Chaffing dishes are backyard party rentals you should never go without if you want to keep your event’s most well-loved dishes warm and delectable for your guests. Add some professional coffee chafers, and your coffee and decaf-loving friends will love you for the extra beverage options to help perk them up at your party.

Coolers, Ice Chests, and Chill & Fill Tables

These backyard party rentals are a must if you want to keep certain food or beverages cold outdoors. Made of high-density polyethylene, chill and fill tables may be easily filled with ice to maintain the temperature of food and beverages for the duration of a party. Some call the various-sized and insulated containers they use coolers, while others call them ice chests. Essentially, both ice chests and coolers serve the same purpose of storing perishable items at a cool temperature. 

Concession Equipment

Renting concession equipment not only makes for a more interactive and fun backyard party, but it’s also a more convenient way to serve snacks to your guests. Concession equipment rentals also make great additions to family events or kids’ outdoor parties. These backyard party rentals may include:

  • Hot dog steamer
  • Popcorn
  • Cotton candy
  • Nacho machines

Linen Napkins and Table Runners

Table runners and linen napkins add the finishing touches to your tables and centerpieces, especially for more sophisticated outdoor events you wouldn’t want to use paper napkins and disposable runners for. However, going out to buy these for one-time use may not always be the most practical or cost-effective event-organizing solution. For this reason, you can opt to rent your party linens instead and choose from a wide selection of colors and/or prints to match your party’s theme. 

Dance Floor

Most outdoor events are often held on grass, which can make dance parties a challenge. Having a professional oak parquet dance floor is one of the best ways to give your lively crowd a place to dance and mingle without sacrificing your well-maintained grass or your guests’ shoes. Dance floors can help break the ice at the party, and setting one up is also an easy way to keep everyone entertained without doing too much; simply set it up, turn on the music, and let your guests take care of the rest!

The Best Backyard Party Rentals in Lake Forest, IL

Indestructo Party Rental offers the best backyard party rentals in Lake Forest, IL that include an impressive selection of tents and everything mentioned above! No matter the event type, Indestructo Party Rental has a proven track record of success because of our high-quality equipment, prompt delivery, and expert set-up. 

We provide a complete variety of pipe and drape booths, as well as convention, trade fair, and exhibit equipment and services, in addition to our tents and party equipment.

Get started with one of our seasoned event planners by contacting us today.

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