Where to Find Festival Tents for Your Summer Events

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With the summer season coming up on the horizon, event organizers and party planners are starting to come up with exciting ways to bring people outdoors. However, even in the summer, the weather can still be difficult to control, and you can never be 100% sure if it’s either going to rain or be too hot on the day of your event. Fortunately, tent rentals exist for your convenience and peace of mind when planning an event. And, when it comes to securing festival tents for your upcoming summer events, Indestructo Party Rental is the number one choice in the Chicagoland area. 

Why Indestructo Party Rental?

For more than a century, Indestructo Party Rental has been covering the party requirements of Chicagoland by offering the best rentals at the most competitive prices, backed by the most knowledgeable and helpful staff in the industry. 

Indestructo Party Rental was one of the earliest tent rental and awning businesses in the United States, having opened its doors in 1895 as an awning reseller and installation service firm.  In 1964, the Levar family bought it and gave it a fresh start. They collaborated with event planners and caterers to provide the high-end tents, furniture, and linens that many of our customers enjoy to this date.

From wedding tents to summer festival tents, Indestructo Party Rental’s high-quality equipment, prompt delivery, and expert setup have contributed to the success of many events over the years. 

Benefits of Festival Tents

Attract More Attention to Your Event

What better way to draw crowds and create a splash in your city than having festival tents at your next event? Aside from your confirmed event guests, there are always visitors that come into town looking for fun things to do. Bright white canopies or grand high-top tents are always huge attention-grabbing spectacles for people walking or driving by. 

Weatherproof Your Summer Event

Whether it rains or it shines at your summer event, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your staff, vendors, and guests have convenient protection from all the elements, wet weather, and UV rays alike.

Rent Out Tented Booths to Vendors

One great way to make additional revenue from your event is to rent out a good number of festival tents and canopies and invite local businesses to come and showcase their products and services for a small booth rental fee. It’s one great way to support the local economy while providing a variety of different attractions and goods to your guests—a truly win-win situation.

Provide Shaded Areas for Relaxing

By setting up stations of festival tents around your event, you can provide your attendees with areas where they momentarily break away from the crowd to sit, relax, eat, and drink. Having these areas are especially essential for families with young children or for guests who have medical conditions that prohibit them from being on their feet for too long. Your guests will appreciate this area which allows them to engage with other people at your event, and they will probably be more likely to stay longer.

Use Tent Structures to Display Ads & Event Banners

There are only so many places you can hang up decorations or banners at an outdoor event. Having festival tents at your next summer community gathering provides additional structures where you can display your sponsors’ ads and banners or decorate according to your event’s theme for a more “festive” feel.

Create Security Checkpoints

The safety of everyone involved in an outdoor public event is the top priority. Allow your guests and their families more peace of mind that they are in a secure environment by setting up security checkpoints covered by festival tents. You can place these areas on entry and exit stations all around your event and even work with your local police department to ensure that you know the right protocols. Furthermore, if you’re hosting an outdoor festival that serves alcoholic beverages, your security checkpoints can also double up as alcohol safety booths to control any guests that may try to leave your event with a drink in hand.

Secure Tents for Staff & Crew

Finally, having additional festival tents for your production staff and crew ensures that everyone working to make the event a success gets to have an area where they can take breaks when they need to. Since festivals that draw big crowds do tend to get a bit busy, these areas can also serve as excellent meeting points for organizers and staff.

Who Provides the Tent Installation?

At Indestructo Party Rental, our festival tent installations come with our service. Our professional installation team is second to none and will assist you in every way possible to ensure your festival tents are sturdy and secure at your next event. To guarantee the total safety of every installation, our technicians adhere to strict installation and removal protocols. You can trust that we never compromise on security just to save money.

At Indestructo Party Rental, we strive to gain our clients’ trust and business for the long haul by providing them with high-quality equipment and friendly, honest service.  We know that devoted clients are the backbone of every successful company.  Through personalized care, top-notch service, and excellent communication, we successfully cultivate lasting connections with our clients.

The Best Summer Festival Tents in Wilmette, IL, and the Chicagoland area

Are you planning an exciting outdoor summer event in your area? Secure your festival tents in the Chicagoland area today with Indestructo Party Rental. We offer several tent rental options, from canopies and clear spans to big tops and high peaks, to suit your summer occasion’s needs, no matter the size of your party. 

We’ve worked with some of the largest trade shows and fairs around the Chicagoland area as well as hundreds of grand weddings over several decades. Secure your spot with us today, and you can rest assured that we have no shortage of tent rentals when it comes to accommodating all your needs. To start planning your event with us, please contact us at (847) 375 8510.

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