Last-Minute Ideas to Spruce Up Your Wedding

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Your wedding is a very special time in your life, and understandably, you want to make sure it’s perfect. However, planning for the big day can feel like a dream come true until it’s only just a few weeks away. As the date draws near, you may be wondering if there’s anything you might have forgotten to include as your guests start preparing for your event. Has the weather forecast changed since you started planning? Will you need a wedding tent? For brides, grooms, planners, or event organizers wondering what extra finishing touches they can add, here are some ideas for a truly unforgettable night.

Wedding Tent Rental

Outdoor weddings are particularly a favorite in the spring and summer, with nature’s backdrop providing most of the legwork, really, to create a romantic atmosphere. However, while most weather forecasts seem to have gotten it down pat as the warmer months roll around, all it takes is for one rogue storm to come sweeping up the coast and put a damper on the festivities of the day.

One surefire way to make sure this doesn’t happen is with a wedding tent rental. It’s a practical preventive measure to ensure your guests continue to enjoy your wedding, rain or shine. Plus, there are numerous wedding tent sizes and styles that you can select and incorporate your wedding decor into. Wedding tents are not just for stormy weather either; they provide comfortable shade from the sun, protection from bugs, and the option to employ additional air conditioning even while technically still being outside.

Canopy Rental

Whether or not you’ve already established what your ceremony is going to look like, a well-designed canopy rental can add a whole other level of enchantment to your event. Your canopy rental doesn’t necessarily have to be outside either; you can use it as additional backdrop to make an indoor ceremony feel more intimate or even as a photo opportunity area for your guests. You can choose to decorate your canopy however you choose, such as stringing lights or flowers across the beams or even wrapping lush green foliage around the posts.

Stages & Platforms

There’s nothing quite like getting up on stage and commanding the attention your event deserves. Whether you’ve got an emcee with a scheduled program or simply a band to play some relaxing tunes while everyone unwinds, a stage rental can make all the difference in transforming your occasion from a mere party into a truly special occasion. A “stage” could be anything you want, from fashion runways to modular sections spread throughout your venue to simple platforms and elevated podiums. Many of these are ADA-accessible and come with non-slip surfaces, so everyone can join in on the fun.

Dance Floor

Many people don’t even think about a dance floor until it’s not there. Even for more casual weddings, solid dance flooring is necessary if you’re expecting your guests to vibe, mingle, and enjoy your event’s ambiance to the fullest. When it’s time for dancing, having that smooth, clean surface to glide on ensures no one trips, gets stepped on, or destroys their outfit.

Portable Bar

Treat your guests to some cool refreshments with a portable bar or chill-and-fill self-service stations. Whether you have someone serving or want your guests to come and pour as they please, having a portable bar creates an additional area for your guests to start conversations and enjoy themselves in a no-pressure environment that—let’s face it—might seem challenging for some people to find at weddings. You can even incorporate charcuterie boards or special hors d’oeuvres into your portable bar, as well as centerpieces and or other interactive elements that go along with your event’s theme.


To the everyday person, special lighting might seem like a superfluous addition, but the truth is that it can really make or break your entire event’s design. Great lighting is everything, from shifting moods with different colors to spotlighting special moments throughout the night. Professional event lighting requires more than just turning equipment on; it’s knowing how to design a space using light and shadows. Thankfully, there are affordable lighting rental options that can help you set the right feel and tone that you want for your event and keep your guests engaged—it’s definitely one aspect of your wedding that you don’t want to skimp out on.

Tables & Seating

Finally, what better way is there to keep festivities flowing throughout your entire event than having extra areas for your guests to relax? Setting up additional high-top cocktail tables or even picnic tables allows your guests to move around your venue and engage with each other. You can also add a kids’ area with tables and chairs for children, card tables for adults to play games, or umbrella tables for a breezy daytime reception. Don’t be afraid to let your creative urges kick in; you can even set up fun and interactive “stations” where your guests can write notes, get temporary tattoos, or even craft a collective art piece for you to treasure as the years go by.

Rent a Canopy or Wedding Tent in Mount Prospect, IL

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