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Planning an outdoor event seems easy enough when it’s a barbecue for your family and friends. However, it gets a bit more complicated with more attendees, such as an extravagant garden wedding or a large community festival. Whether you’re a wedding planner, festival organizer, or just someone who wants to get the local community together, planning for large outdoor events requires some level of industry knowledge and experience. Indestructo Party Rental is an indoor and outdoor event rental company that has covered countless events and special occasions in the Chicagoland area since 1964. When it comes to industry expertise, we have nothing short of the best. Here are some outdoor event planning tips we’ve learned over the decades.

Strategize Your Budget

Before booking any outdoor event rentals, the first and most important task of planning any type of event is to figure out what your budget is. While private parties typically have a set range, it might look a bit different for public events where you’ll be charging admission or selling tables. With the latter, make sure to have an event strategy in place before you come up with your budget, forecasting the costs but also the sales you’ll be making. After getting all the details you need in terms of your event’s financials, you can create a realistic plan for how big you want your event to be.

Get a Realistic Head Count

For both private and community gatherings, a guest list is a must and will help you to plan for what the day of your event will look like. Ideally, you’ll want to secure a set number of people for a certain venue but allow for some flexibility so you don’t go over capacity. On average, between 75-85% of people actually show up to private events (such as weddings) that they’re invited to, with the higher range including your closest family members. The numbers aren’t too far off with ticketed events unless you’re planning guaranteed, sold-out shows. In this case, there is an increased need to control your guest list to make sure you don’t break any local regulations. 

Check the Utilities: Lights, Electricity, and Water

While most indoor venues usually come with all of the important utilities you’ll need for your event, it can vary for some outdoor venues. If you’re lucky, you’ll find easy electricity hookups for your recruitment and lights and access to bathrooms or kitchens your guests or staff might need. However, if these aren’t available with your venue, you will have to plan alternative solutions such as portable bathrooms and washing stations or generator rentals.

Secure the Necessary Permits

If you’re hosting an event at a park, beach, street, or any public space, keep in mind that you’ll likely have to apply for special use of these areas with the appropriate regulating bodies in your city. For private events, you would also need a permit for potential damage-causing displays, such as fireworks or bonfires. If you’re planning to get outdoor event rentals such as a mobile bar or cocktail carts, be sure to also check local laws around serving alcohol at your event. When in doubt, visit your local city hall office, which will usually have the correct information you require or at least point you in the right direction.

Consider the Weather and Climate

Outdoor events are usually more challenging to plan for than indoor events, primarily because of the weather. However, there is an increased level of festivity that can be hard to beat when it comes to hosting something outdoors, and the event is usually so worth it when executed properly. It’s near impossible to host an event outside without securing the proper protective outdoor event rentals, such as tents or canopies. Even when the forecast says that you’re in the clear for next weekend, you should keep in mind that no one has ever successfully controlled the weather before, so it’s best to prepare just in case any changes happen.

Map Out Your Venue

Having a venue isn’t enough to throw an event. Depending on the size of your venue, it’s usually wise to create an event map that displays all of the important areas on the day of your event. Having this map will be helpful for everyone involved, including your vendors, guests, performers, outdoor event rental suppliers, and more. Your event map should include any special designations for ticket tiers (if you’re planning a paid event), bathrooms, stages, assistance desks, parking, or even all your vendors (if you’re planning something like a trade show, farmer’s market, or festival). Having a visual representation of where everything is on the day of your festival or event will ensure success in terms of your logistics.

Secure Your Rentals

Don’t wait too long to plan all the outdoor event rentals you’ll need for your event. It’s recommended that you book all your necessary equipment and supplies as soon as you have your venue and guests. These can include your tables and seating, lighting, sound and screen equipment, tents, stages, and more. If you’re planning an event for an especially busy time of the year, it’s even more important to secure your spot with your vendors early. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of outdoor event rentals in the Chicagoland area, Indestructo Party Rental has you covered.

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