Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Tent Rentals in Illinois

wedding tent rentals illinois

When you’re planning out your wedding, it takes the help of some professionals that can help you put together your special day. Wedding services make up an approximately $62 billion industry today. 

In addition to things like cake, catering, and photography, you might also look into another helpful service – wedding tents. These tents bring a lot of benefits and can help you handle the details of your wedding. How can I find tent rental near me? What are the advantages?

Here’s what you should know about finding wedding tent rentals in Illinois.  

The Benefits of Wedding Tent Rentals in Illinois

If you live in the Second City and would like to take advantage of Chicago tent rental, start by understanding the benefits. Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities for outdoor weddings because of its lovely spring and summer months, and the color of the leaves changing in autumn. 

Consider these benefits of tent rentals as you shop for the right fit: 

It’s Great for Weddings in Different Seasons

Having access to a portable tent allows you to stay cool and protected no matter what’s happening outside. If your wedding is taking place in the summertime, you’ll want to have protection from the shade. Many people opt to include fans or air conditioning inside of their tent to double down on the cooling factor.  

Tent rentals are excellent for wedding season and can accommodate you no matter your date. You can get a tent large enough for a dance floor rental in Chicago, or any other amenities or fixtures you’re considering. This level of versatility and flexibility is helpful when you’re planning any sort of wedding.  

Tents Are Excellent for Style Choices

Don’t forget about the aesthetic quality that comes when you get a tent rental. They’re wonderful for your wedding style choices, whether you’re going for traditional, Bohemian, rustic, or beach weddings. 

You can use a tent to house every guest table, or just for your dance floor rental. Your rental professionals will also include decorative flair to go with it, such as cloth and dressing for your table and chair rental in Chicago.  

You Get Protection From Inclement Weather

Wedding tents are also excellent because they will protect you from inclement weather. The last thing you or your wedding part would want is for rain or hail to ruin an outdoor wedding. 

Having access to tents gives you protection and flexibility in your planning so that you aren’t worried about anything that Mother Nature might bring.  

There’s More Flexibility for Your Guest List

Using tent rentals also gives you more flexibility for your guest planning. When you’re planning an indoor wedding, your space is more limited and you can’t arrange tables and chairs as freely as you might like. 

Portable tents let you set your guests wherever you’d like, however you’d like, with as much space as you need between you. This is particularly helpful when you want your wedding to be COVID-safe.  

Consider Your Tent Style and Needs

Next, consider what you need from your wedding tent rentals as you shop around. Finalize your guest list and determine how many people will be in attendance. This lets you figure out your tent size, and gets you started when choosing style options. 

Some wedding tent styles that you might like include:

  • Frame tents
  • Pole wedding tents
  • Marquee tents
  • Stretch tents
  • Sailcloth tents
  • Clear tents
  • Beach style tents

Make sure that your tent matches the vibe and environment that you’re hoping to create so that you make it an event to remember.  

Research the Company and Their Background

Before taking out a rental contract, give yourself time to research the different companies available. Learn about their philosophy and how long they’ve been providing wedding rentals to customers. 

Look into their Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings and other designations to make sure that they’re trustworthy and professional. You can also find reviews that speak to these matters, and that can give you an idea of what to expect. It’s also helpful to touch base with people you know who have gotten wedding rentals in the past. Referrals go a long way and can help you put together a shortlist of the best pros available.  

Make Sure They Have Your Dates Available

With any sort of wedding service, making sure that they have your date available is essential. These companies book up quickly, and you need to lock them in to make sure you can count on their services for your chosen dates. 

Put down a deposit so that you can lock in your dates for service, and read through the terms of the contract in advance. Shop around for different rates to make sure you’re getting a fair price. Look into contingencies that come with the contract, exit clauses, or any other important information that you need to know.   

Find the Perfect Wedding Tent

These tips will help you when you’re interested in wedding tent rentals in Illinois. Getting access to a wedding tent can make sure that your event goes off without a hitch. Check around for the best pros available and browse their inventory to make certain that you’re prepared on the day of your event. 

We’re happy to help you with whatever you’re looking for.  

Let Indestructo Party Rental help you with tens and other supplies that you’re looking for. Use our website to request a quote, or give us a call at (847)375 8510.

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