6 Reasons to Consider Chicago Dance Floor Rental for Your Wedding Party

chicago dance floor rental

Did you know that around two million American couples have weddings each year? With that in mind, it’s clear you need to be on top of things when it comes to planning. You want your outdoor wedding party to stand out and doing that means hiring the top Chicago dance floor rental and tent company.

You don’t need to search “outdoor dance floor rental near me” any longer, because Indestructo Party Rental is the only wedding party provider you need in Chicagoland. Read on to learn six indisputable reasons to hire Indestructo for your upcoming wedding party.

1. Over a Century of Reliable Work

Indestructo Party Rental started as Indestructo Rental Company in 1895. It’s come a long way since then, but it all began with its roots as an awning retailer and installation business. Those awnings paved the way for the high-quality tent rentals we’re known for today.

With a trusted tent renting business up and running, expanding only made sense. We forayed into dance floor rental services and other elements of party planning in 1964 and haven’t looked back.

Indestructo has been a longtime fixture of the Chicagoland area because we’re reliable. Our satisfied patrons and repeat customers are all the evidence you need that you can trust us with your wedding party.

2. All You Need at One Stop

A couple of common reasons people worry they can’t have an outdoor wedding or reception are that they can’t keep guests comfortable and that it seems like the customer has to piece everything together alone.

If your dance floor rental is separate from the tent rental and you don’t think you can get climate control, no wonder you’re unsure about an outside wedding party. When all the catering supplies, table set up, and lighting are also separate items, the challenge is altogether too much.

Indestructo Party Rental gets that those specifics are the last things you need on your mind at your wedding party. You have friends and family to chat with, food to enjoy, and memories to make. That’s why we carry all you need for a fabulous wedding reception at one easy stop.

3. High-Class Oak Parquet Dance Floors

A quality tent floor is essential to the success of any outdoor wedding party. It gives you the comfort and tidiness of an indoor venue without sacrificing the freshness and flexibility of being outdoors.

We use classic oak parquet flooring to give wedding receptions a sense of class, tradition, and wealth. You can have a high-class wedding party in any setting by combining one of our tent rentals with our parquet flooring option.

Indestructo Party Rental sets up dance floors in countless settings, including parking lots, backyards, soccer fields, neighborhood streets, and beyond. Guests to your Lake Bluff backyard wedding will forget they’re in a tent, not a luxury party venue. We take pride in our outdoor dance floor rental options looking and feeling every bit like permanent dance hall floors.

4. Solutions for Unpredictable Chicagoland Weather

Have you ever thought, “I wish there was a magical tent rental near me!” because wild Chicagoland weather doesn’t seem right for outdoor weddings? Well, you don’t need magic to hold a comfortable outdoor wedding no matter what it’s like outside.

Indestructo Party Rental tents are prepared to handle the elements year-round. Our tents can be open-walled or have mesh paneling for nice weather. They can also include vinyl windows or solid sidewalls good for rainy days.

Our fans and air conditioning keep popular spring and summer weddings cool. We also offer heating solutions for outdoor wedding events when it’s not 75 degrees and sunny.

Apart from temperature and comfort concerns, people sometimes steer clear of outdoor wedding parties because they don’t like the idea of mud and grass making an unsightly mess. With Indestructo Party Rental doing your event, you’ll form a new opinion of what an outdoor event can be.

We’re proud of our luxurious flooring choices and won’t let them be sources of unneeded stress. We have lawn carpets that serve as paths across muddy grass. They keep floors and everyone’s dress shoes pristine and let you focus on the things that matter.

Don’t worry if sunlight hours don’t match your schedule. Indestructo has a wide selection of lighting options in case that’s the case or if you prefer an evening reception. We’re skilled with multiple lighting techniques and know the ones that will make your party pop.

5. Both Fancy and Casual Decor Available

Anyone living in the Chicago metropolitan area loves that it’s as broad and diverse as any city. Indestructo Party Rental values that too and has something for every party.

We can help you throw a fancy wedding soirée in Winnetka, a kid-friendly wedding reception in Wilmette, and everything in-between.

Indestructo offers vinyl dance floors in white, black, and a fun black-and-white checkered dance pattern in addition to our classic oak parquet. We also have catering supplies for both formal dinners and casual picnic-style meals.

6. Family-Run Business Values

What better way to honor the tradition of starting a family with an “I do” than hiring a family-run business to design the wedding party of your dreams?

The Levar family bought the awning retailer Indestructo Rental Company in 1964 and transformed it into the tent rental company the Chicagoland area knows and loves today

Having owned and run this historic dance floor rental company for more than half a century, we know the importance of family values and considerate service. Hire us and we’ll give your wedding party every ounce of attention it deserves.

Rely on Our Chicago Dance Floor Rental Expertise

This list makes it clear that if you want your Chicago dance floor rental company to handle your important celebration with care and an eye for detail, Indestructo Party Rental is the one to hire. You can rely on our decades of expertise to put together a standout party sure to please you and all your guests.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and request a quote online or call (847) 375-8510 and learn how we can make your special day the way you imagine it.

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