The Best Tent Rental Companies in Chicago

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In America, 2.4 million weddings are held every year. Even for foreigners, America is a popular wedding destination because of the sun. Naturally, the best way to enjoy an event outdoors is to have a tent rental for UV protection. 

But it’s not just weddings being held outdoors; sports events, birthdays, corporate shows, and many more take advantage of the long and hot American summers.

So, we’re here to help if you’re planning an event and don’t know how to find tent rentals in Chicago. Follow our guide below, and find your ideal tent rental today.  

Tent Rental Companies in Chicago: How to Choose

To start your search for the best Chicago tent rental companies, focus on those with excellent reviews and online information. There are many companies, so pay attention to the following points. 

Initial Communication

You may not know what equipment you need if it’s your first time planning an event. So, it is the company’s job to identify the best products for you. They should also ensure you have the necessary accompaniments.

We always recommend liaising directly with your Chicago tent rental company. A reputable company will ask you questions regarding your expectations, event space size, and requirements. If they don’t ask you for details, look elsewhere. 

Safety Measures

An event called PrairieFest takes place annually. It’s a one-hour drive from Glen Ellyn and Hinsdale. Sadly in 2015, a circus tentpole collapsed because of high winds and killed a man at the festival.

Although such stories are few and far between, it does raise the importance of safety. However, we’ve been in the business for 100 years, and our tents can withstand these conditions.

When talking to your chosen company, ask them about their safety track record and insurance. 

Product Range

A well-established company will have a range of main products and support accessories. For example, a bouncy castle would be the main item, but they may also offer you a dance floor rental.

The product range shows the company has experience and has learned what items clients often require together. Therefore, suppose you want a Chicago dance floor rental, tent rental, and chair rental; you can order them from one company. 

Identifying the Best Tent Style

Clients sometimes want a range of tents for various purposes—for example, a main tent with a dance floor and a catering tent with a table and chair rental for dining. It is better to look for a company that offers a full range of tent styles. 

Pole Tents

Pole tents are the most traditional and are popular for outside events. The center and side poles are secured to the ground to offer excellent wind resistance and stability. Pole tents can cover a wide area and are often the main tent at an event. 

Frame Tents

Frame tents add elegance and sophistication to a party, as they require no center poles. They also have fewer ropes but still offer optimum safety. You can also place frame tents against standing structures by using supportive weights.  

High-Peak Tents

The high peak creates elegant dimensions that will stand out at any party. High-peak tents are fantastic for weddings because they match prestigious surroundings, such as Lake Bluff Golf Club. Inside, the high peaked ceilings give more flexibility for impactful designs with tall flower arrangements or balloon arches. 

Clearspan Structures

A clearspan structure will be the obvious choice if you require a mid to long-term tent placement. They are often seen at tradeshows or sporting events where you cannot stake the tent. Like frame tents, they have no center pole for unobstructed views.

The Top Three Tent Rental Companies in Chicago

You may start your Google search with “tent rental near me” and be surprised at the number of results. It can be mind-boggling, so we’ve compiled a list of Chicago’s top tent rental companies. From kid’s parties to weddings, these companies will help. 

Indestructo Party Rental: Best Event Tent Rental in Chicago

At Indestructo Party Rental, we have pole tents, frame tents, high-peak tents, and clearspan structures. We also have marquis, which you can use to form a protected walkway between the tents.

We offer Chicago table and chair rental and a range of dance floors. You could search for “outdoor dance floor rental near me,” but you may struggle later to secure a suitable sized tent to protect it. We think it’s much easier to use a company that offers a dance floor and tent rental as a set. 

We can customize our tents to suit your needs, so you know you’ll be getting the best match for your party. 

Dream Nights: Tent Rentals for Kids Slumber Parties

Dream Nights is a unique company that offers bespoke slumber parties. They have a kid’s teepee and a large bell tent for garden sleepovers. They also include fairy lights and garlands to decorate your child’s room. 

Life In Tents: Best for Glamping Tents

Life In Tents will ship you a bell tent anywhere in the USA. So, even if you live in Arlington Heights, IL, you can rent a bell tent and enjoy camping at nearby Camp Reinberg. The rental will last for three days, and they will provide clear instructions. If you live in Portland or Oregon, they can also furnish the tent.

Add a Tent Rental to Your Events

Once you’ve identified the style of tent rental you need, you can move on to the other elements we discussed. You should consider tables, chairs, and a dance floor rental for your next party. Make your planning seamless by booking all your equipment and structures through one company. 

If you live in Chicago, you don’t need to search for a “table and chair rental near me” or “tent rentals near me” because we offer it all. We’re here to help make your event a success. So, get in touch with us today to discuss your event needs. 

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