5 Tips for Choosing the Best Dance Floor For Your Party

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Out of all the things you can do at a party, dancing is one of the best to bring the mood up and make sure everyone is having a good time. To really make your dance party legit, you need an official dance floor to set the tone and get everyone up on their feet! 

A dance floor is a fun, easy addition that can work in almost every event space and make such a big impact. They are easily installed and removed to make your job as easy as possible running the show. And your guests will know exactly what to expect when they see it set up upon their arrival. 

In order to have the most fun, you want to make sure your dance floor rental fits exactly what you need. Follow this guide to help you make just the right choice for your party! 

1. Measure the Area 

As you’re looking at a Chicago dance floor rental, you’ll want to have a good idea of what size space you’re trying to fill. This is going to make a difference in what’s available to you to rent. 

Once you have your party location nailed down, then you can start to piece together the layout. Determine where the tables will go, where the food will be served, and if there will need to be any other major elements in the room. After that, you can see what’s leftover and how big of a dance floor you’ll need. 

It’s also a good idea to consider how many guests you’re going to have at the party. You don’t want to have a dance floor that can’t accommodate most of the people who will be there. 

Most dance floors you can rent come in pieces that lock together, so you can completely customize the size for your exact needs! 

2. Consider the Location

Surprisingly, there are a lot of different types of dance floors available to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming at times. Take the location of the party into consideration as you choose the type of floor you’ll rent. 

Outdoor parties obviously have different needs than indoor ones as far as the materials that can be used. So you can narrow down your search based on those factors alone. If the party is going to be outdoors, you can search for an “outdoor dance floor rental near me” to get exactly what you’ll need. 

The type of tent rentals you go with for an outdoor party will also affect what type of dance floor you can use and how much space you’ll have. It’s a good idea to have a basic idea of the whole setup before looking for the dance floor. 

3. Go For the Right Look 

Once you’ve nailed down all of those logistic elements of your party, you can start to focus on the aesthetic side of things. 

If you’re going through all the trouble to plan a major event like this, chances are you want it to be beautiful and memorable. Using a dance floor that clashes with the rest of the decor and design elements can completely ruin all the work you’ve done to make it that way. 

Designing a party setup is a lot like designing a room in your home. You’ll have a few things that are showstoppers and pull the attention. And you’ll want the rest to work together to create a cohesive look and feel. 

As you look at the finish options for your dance floor rental, think about if you want it to stand out or blend in. 

4. Figure Out the Dance Vibe 

Not only do you want the dance floor to boost the overall look of the party, but you also want it to help set the mood for the event as well. When you first decide to throw the party, you’ll know the vibe you’re looking for. Some parties are more relaxed and romantic, while others are high-energy and loud. 

Surprisingly, the way you set up your dance floor can have a major impact on if the party turns out how you’re hoping it will. If you want that energetic action, choose a floor that’s bolder and pair it with some more disco party lights. If you want a more subdued dance party, choose a classic finish and some cafe lights.  

All these little elements will make subtle impacts on your party as a whole. And don’t forget to make a killer playlist to really set the tone! 

5. Coordinate with Other Elements 

Most likely, the dance party isn’t going to be the only thing going on at the party. There will probably be some food with a table and chair rental so people have a place to sit. Maybe there will be some kind of presentation before the dancing begins. And there may even be some other entertainment elements like a photo booth or other games. 

It’s helpful to consider these additional elements as you’re planning your dance floor as well. This way nothing is in the way of each other and they can all function seamlessly. 

Sometimes mapping out the space can be helpful to get a good idea of the flow and how people will be able to move from one thing to another. The last thing you want is for the whole setup to feel disjointed and glued together. This step can bring everything together nicely. 

Choosing the Best Dance Floor for Your Party

The whole goal of throwing a party is to celebrate and make wonderful memories with the people you care about. All the effort is to make sure everyone has a good time. 

Bringing in a dance floor and having an epic dance party is sure to help you achieve those goals. Best of all, it doesn’t have to come with any extra work on your part. When you work with our amazing rental staff they’ll help you determine the best fit for your party and bring it to you! You’ll just get to enjoy the end result!

If you’re interested in learning more about all the ways we can help boost your party, contact us today! 

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