Outdoor Party Tent Rental: How to Choose the Perfect Tent for Your Specific Event

outdoor party tent rental

The average American hosts 7.23 parties a year and spends at least $1,400 on those parties. That’s not even taking big celebrations like weddings into account. 

Want to know how to host a party your friends can’t stop talking about? Then perfect the location, food, drink, guestlist, and music!

A garden party is one of the most remarkable ways to impress your friends, and what better place to host your party than in an outdoor party tent? You can decorate it with lights and flowers, set up furniture so you can dine there, you can even turn a party tent into a dance floor.

We’re here to help you understand everything you need to know about outdoor party tent rental. Take the stress out of party planning armed with the below knowledge. 

Why Go For Outdoor Party Tent Rental?

Renting a tent for your event is a no-brainer. It’s more cost-effective and gives you the chance to choose the same tent for your requirements. Why?

It Protects You From the Weather

Even if you plan a party in the height of summer, you never know when a bit of rain may blow in to ruin your event. If you have a tent, you have all bases covered. 

Rain or shine, your guests will be able to enjoy the party without worrying about their hair getting wet or their skin getting burnt. 

You Don’t Have to Set It Up Yourself

When you use party tent rental services, the tent provider usually puts up the tent and then takes it away for you after your event. That’s one less thing for you to worry about. 

Tent Rental Service Provide Equipment

Ok, so maybe you buy yourself a tent because you think you may use it for future events but what about furniture to seat 50 people? Yeah, didn’t think so. Who has the storage for that amount of equipment anyway? 

When you use a tent rental company, they can provide you with tables and chairs, furniture, lighting, heating, linens, even a dancefloor and sound equipment! 

Planning your event is way less hassle when you know all the equipment you need will get delivered straight to your event venue. Think of your tent hire as part tent rental, part party destress. 

You Choose the Size

Every party you host will have different requirements; buying a tent isn’t a feasible option for parties of varying sizes. 

When you choose a tent rental option, you can opt for the perfect tent for your event each time. 

How to Choose a Tent Rental

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your tent rental service. 

First up, you need to think about how many people you’ll host, as well as what the tent will be used for at your event. If you’re hosting a significant live music event, you’ll want to go for a large circus-style tent. A more casual garden party may only require a simple canopy.  

Then you can consider the different types of tent rentals for parties. Here are some popular options: 

Party Canopies

These are very simple tents that are quickly constructed to make a covering for your guests. They are as simple as you get and are held to the ground with ropes. Great for a small garden party or event at your home. 

Frame Tents

These are effective if you’ll be hosting an event for a large number of people. There are no poles throughout this type of tent, so you have an unobstructed view from all parts of the tent. 

The frame supports the tent’s structure, and they are often supported using weights. This makes it easy to pitch frame tents in a variety of locations. 

Pole Tents 

Pole tents are a great affordable option if you only need to accommodate a smaller group of people. 

They are a classic tent that gives a cozy look to your outdoor party. Pole tents are also easy to dress with accessories such as fairy lights, lanterns, bunting, or flowers. The poles at the top make for an excellent base for your decorations. 

Circus Tents

Are you organizing a festival or community event? Then a circus tent will be perfect. They are perfect for dancing and watching live music with a large arena inside and a high roof. You can even rent a circus tent for a kid’s birthday party.


Are you planning a wedding? You may want to go with hiring a marquee. Perfect for large-scale events like weddings, they are excellent for drinks receptions and canapes. 

When you hire a marquee, you choose the height and width of the tent to fit with your venue. 

Don’t Forget to Measure Your Venue 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when hiring a tent for an occasion is not knowing the size of the space they are working with! You don’t want to end up with a tent that’s too big or too small for your event space. 

Measure your venue before getting in touch with the tent rental company or ask for detailed layout information from the venue of your choice. 

How to Rent a Party Tent

Once you know the size of your venue and the number of people you will be hosting, you can decide on the type of tent which works for you. 

You can then work out which tent style fits your budget and aesthetic. 

Outdoor party tent rental is one of the easiest ways to make your event stress-free as the hiring company takes care of all the details for you!

Request a quote today to get started with planning your dream party. 

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