A Future Bride’s Guide to the Different Types of Tents for Weddings

tents for weddings

Are you planning on spending your wedding day in the great outdoors?

A wedding is a one-time event where you have to get everything done right with the first attempt. Your wedding venue is one of the essential aspects that you must be sorted properly to get it right. But if you want to enjoy the natural scenery and have a personalized feeling on your wedding day, an outdoor wedding is the way to go.

Whether you are holding a simple or a lavish outdoor wedding, you have to keep in mind unpredictable weather. Sorting yourself with wedding tents is a sure way to get ready for weather changes.

The last thing you would want on your special day is rain showers or blazing sun ruining the comfort of your guests.

Choosing a wedding tent might sound like a simple task, but there are a lot of considerations to make. You must select the size and style of the tent that will perfectly meet the unique needs of your wedding.

So, do you know the various wedding tent styles you can choose from? Worry no more.

Here is a future bride’s guide to the different types of tents for weddings.

Frame Tent

Frame tent is the most common tent-style out there. If you want a wedding tent that will suit any terrain, this is your best option.

The canopy of the frame tent is held at the center by a single metal frame. The presence of just one frame makes the arrangement of seats around the tents quite easy.

Besides, moving around in such a tent is convenient and safe. If you want to maximize the space under the tent, the frame tent might be the best pick.

Pole Tent

Pole tents are also pretty popular with outdoor weddings. Poles hold this kind of tent instead of metal frames. But, to get the most out of these tents, you must create a floor plan around them. But this does not mean they are not the perfect choice for your wedding.

The poles might be what you need to elevate your wedding to the next level. You can create a peaked ceiling to add some decors. You can make your tent look elegant by hanging fairy lights and some bits and pieces.

But for the poles to support the tents effectively, you must attach them to the ground with guy wires. This also means that you must find grounds that shall serve that purpose. If your wedding venue is on concrete ground, this type of tent might not be the right choice.

Marque Tent

Marque tent is like the young one of the pole tent and frame tent. It utilizes the framework of the pole tent without the need for a center pole. Like the frame tent, it can also be used in any terrain.

If you find it quite hard to choose between the previous two tent styles, you can opt for this tent style.

Stretch Tent

Stretch tent is the most versatile. You can configure the poles in any design making the tent suitable for flat and uneven grounds.

Whether your wedding venue is on a deck or rooftop, this tent style is what you need.
The stretch fabric also creates a sleek design and comes in various colors.

This means you can match the color of your tent to the theme color of your wedding.

Sailcloth Tent

If your desire having a tent with a natural look, the sailcloth tent is what you should go for. It has a sailcloth canopy supported by wooden poles at its base. The fabric used is very light, allowing more light to pass through.

This ensures there is maximum illumination. Besides, there is an unrestricted airflow with the sailcloth being further from the ground.

However, you must ensure a place on the ground is available to stick the pole firmly. If sticking the pole on the ground is not a familiar task, involve a Chicago tent rental company.

Transparent Tent

If you value transparent wedding decor, this is what you should go for. This wedding tent style has a transparent canopy that is supported by a frame tent base. The use of these tent styles makes you feel as if you are outdoors.

Besides, its transparency allows sunshine to brighten the alley.


For people who want something unique, the yurt is the best option. They are circular tents, and their walls are made of a lattice.

They also have wood ribbed roofs that are covered with a fabric material. They look stylish and stunning; however, they are typically relatively small.

This means that they are suitable for intimate weddings only. If you need some great wedding lounges, this tent style is what you need. They are also ideal for bridal suits and overnight accommodations.

But if you are planning on renting the yurt tent, ensure to choose the best wedding tent rental company. This will ensure the tents are delivered on time and are in good condition.

Enclosed Tent

All tents give you some control over weather elements, but the enclosed style gives you the most. Enclosed tents offer a similar setting to that of indoor weddings. You can have all the amenities of an indoor venue, such as air conditioning, in your outdoor wedding.

If you hail in areas where strong winds accompany showers, this is the best tent style for you. They offer a cover from the base to the top, leaving no space for wind to penetrate through.

Choose the Most Suitable Types of Tents for Weddings Today

Choosing the right wedding tent might not be as easy as it sounds. You must know the various types of tents for weddings available to get it right.
Read the above guide and discover the different types of wedding tents that will be a perfect choice for the special occasion.

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