5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Chicago Tent Rental

chicago tent rental

Looking to plan an unforgettable event? You should consider tent rental services for a successful event.

Tents play a critical role in events but are widely overlooked since most people don’t understand the difference between various types of tents, and it’s advisable to seek the services of professionals.

When hosting an event, consider all you have to do before, during, and after the event. Tent rental companies help in the planning process, which is critical to the success of the event.

They reduce the stress levels while making the process fun and smooth with few if any glitches, especially when looking for Chicago tent rentals.

If you are looking for tent rentals and don’t know how to go about them, don’t worry; this post is meant for you.

Continue reading to discover five things you should consider when looking for tent rentals in Chicago.

1. Number of People Attending the Event

The first thing to consider is the total number of guests attending the event. The guest count is critical for tables and chairs arrangement and the tent size.

Remember, you don’t need to have the exact number, just an estimation to present to the tent rental service provider.

Table and chair rentals usually form part of the tent rental service and can be provided by the same provider.

Only 80-90% of guests will attend the event, and the tent rental company uses your guest count estimate to calculate the number of people per table.

It helps them select a tent that will fit all the guests perfectly without sitting outside the tent or standing around.

2. What Type of Event Are You Hosting

There are different types of events, each with specific tent requirements such as a wedding or special life event, which follows a particular theme calling for themed tents.

Backyard and residential events mostly require tent rentals for tents designed to hold a small number of guests, including children.

The tents should be weather-proof and can be equipped with rubber flooring to make them safe. Corporate events tents are available for those looking to get away from the office atmosphere and into the outdoors.

They provide extra space increasing opportunities for multiple activities that can involve employees and their families. Festivals usually require several tents for holding different events and for the revelers to rest.

Festival tents come with unique customizations like a dance floor platform and entertainment appliances. Your tent rental service provider can advise you according to your requirements.

Fundraising events can have a few too many guests in attendance, and they must all be comfortable during the event.

Table and chair rental Chicago service providers provide the best formations for such events and offer flooring options to make the event professional.

3. The Event’s Venue

If you rent a venue for your event, you need to carefully go through the rules and regulations of running the venue.

Some of the venues have specifications over the size of the tent and where it will be placed on their property. Confirm with the venue’s management and ensure that you are following all the regulations set in place.

If the rules correlate with what you’ve planned, contact tent rentals near me and make reservations. You should also ensure that the venue has local permits to set up tents to avoid having trouble with authorities.

You need to check local regulations for backyard or residential events to prevent embarrassment on your special day.

4. Type of Tent

You should have an idea of what type of tent you want before approaching a tent rental company. The most common variations include Bedouin or free-form tents, aluminum frame tents, pole and peg marquee tents.

These can work on any kind of occasion, but each has a different specification. Tent rental service providers have an expansive inventory of tents to select from.

They will guide you through each of them and what occasion suits each type of tent. However, all types of tents fall under these four categories.

Frame tents are simple in design and weighted down using blocks, while high peak tents are similar to frame tents; they use tensioned cross cables and shortened center poles to create a peak.

Pole tents are more popular since they are easier to set up and take down; in comparison, structural tents resemble a permanent structure and are used for extended periods.

5. Floor Options

Tent flooring is an additional option to include when looking to rent a tent. Based on the type of event you are hosting, you can implement different flooring options to increase comfort for your guests.

If you are planning a wedding, at some point, you have searched for outdoor dance floor rental near me. A dance floor is a must for a wedding since the newlyweds are expected to dance later in the evening.

Apart from dance floor rentals, some service providers offer other flooring options, such as no flooring. They are more common in most festivals since most people consider the flooring option unnecessary.

The tent rental service can survey the venue and select the best location to mount the tent without requiring a floor. They can utilize concrete or natural grass, or artificial grass if available to mount the canopy.

Carpets are another common feature in tents during events. While they may look like an unusual option for a temporary event, the comfort and customization of carpets make them highly attractive.

Carpets come in many color and design options which can fit into any theme for an event. To add elegance to the event, you can opt for a wood-floor tent with a shiny finish and grain patterns.

Wood comes in different shades and makes the event more professional, and is ideal for corporate and fundraising events.

Make Your Event Successful With Chicago Tent Rental

Are you looking for dance floor rental in Chicago, table and chair rental in Chicago, or Chicago tent rental service providers?

At Tent Rental Chicago, we are dedicated to bring your vision for the event to life and make the whole process fun.

Whether the event is corporate, residential, or a festival, our team is focused on guiding you through the entire process to ensure no issues arise during the event.

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