Take Your BBQ to the Next Level With an Affordable Backyard Tent

affordable backyard tent

Nobody wants a soggy hotdog, and nobody wants to get wet while eating it!

If you are looking at some nasty weather in the Windy City, you might be thinking about bringing your barbeque inside.

If you’re all huddled around the microwave, is that really a barbeque? 

You don’t have to give up on a beautiful day outdoors just because there are a few minutes of sprinkles in the forecast! You should look into an affordable backyard tent rental. An inexpensive backyard tent can save your event and keep your guests happy in any weather.

It’s possible to find a cheap backyard tent rental in Chicago. When looking for tent rentals near me, I found Indestructo Party Rental and their incredible variety of tents. Read on to learn about your options when looking into a Chicago tent rental.  

Pole and Party Tents

For the ultimate affordable backyard tent in Chicago, you will want to look into a basic pole tent. These simple tents utilize a pole system and get anchored to the ground. They are popular for their versatility, as they come in unlimited lengths.

The elegant peaked style protects from the elements, including direct sunlight. You’ll be able to grill all day long without getting sunburnt. Most importantly, your guests can enjoy al fresco dining without getting stuck sitting beneath the sweltering sun! 

The basic pole tent provides cover but is not enclosed. If there should be a surprise shower, it can provide cover from the rain and protect any technology or equipment you may use outside. However, if you are expecting a hurricane, you may want to rent something that is fully enclosed.

The simplicity of the party tent is what makes it the ideal tent rental near me in Chicago. If you are planning something fancier, even the most basic tent can be dressed up with interior accessories to hide poles and soften the look. 

If you rent through Indestructo, you can even add a table and chair rental at your Chicago barbeque. You won’t need to lift a finger to have a fantastic outdoor celebration.

Festival and Circus Tents

For a slightly larger gathering, you might look into renting a festival or circus tent. You may have seen these tents at local carnivals or food festivals. They are an excellent, festive option for outdoor dining spaces.

You can choose a traditional white festival tent or a striped circus tent in several fun colors. They come in several sizes, including an economical backyard size, perfect for your barbeque. They are a versatile and friendly option for a tent rental near me in Chicago.

These tents also use stakes and poles but, like the others, can be dressed up at your request. You might even consider adding a dance floor.

Indestructo Party Rental has both festival tents and outdoor dance floor rental near me in Chicago. They can install several attractive dance floors directly inside of the tent, including raised dance floors. If you are playing music, including a dance floor rental to your Chicago barbeque will make it memorable.

Imagine an outdoor dance floor set up next to a small dining area.

Maybe you include a DJ table or have a band performing live. You can grill all day and night while your guests dance and play music and never once worry about the weather.

Frame Tents

The most versatile of the outdoor tent options is the frame tent. These tents are freestanding structures that don’t utilize any center poles. They don’t require as much staking distance, and Indestructo can even use a weighting system instead. 

These tents are perfect for the backyard because they don’t need nearly as much space as a party or festival tent. You can erect your frame tent against another structure, such as a house or shed. If you have limited space in your backyard but still want the extra cover that a tent provides, you will love your frame tent. 

If you aren’t having your barbeque in the backyard, a frame tent can still be useful. You can also erect them over driveways, decks, or patios. Wherever you are planning to party, a frame tent can provide you with the cover you need.

Indestructo provides the best table and chair rental near me. If you need a place for your guests to sit, you can rent tables, chairs, and a frame tent and party in a parking lot. Include the best dance floor rental near me, and you will have a fun function up and running in no time.

This is an excellent option for group functions, such as church barbeques, fundraisers, and more! 

Add Sidewalls 

If you might be dealing with more than scattered showers, you might be interested in an enclosed space. Indestructo Party Rental also offers sidewall rentals, which can add walls to most tents. This includes options for windows and doors, so you won’t be stuck in the dark when the sun comes back out.

A cheap Chicago backyard tent rental can be upgraded with other elements, too. Consider adding lighting or linens to make your party pop.

An Affordable Backyard Tent for a Good Time, Rain or Shine!

If you want your backyard barbeque or event to be a success, an affordable backyard tent might be all that you need.

Include tables, chairs, and an outdoor dance floor to really make it a party. Guests will be able to enjoy good food and great company without worrying about the weather forecast.

The best tent rentals in the Chicago area come from Indestructo Party Rental. Indestructo can help you to rent everything you need to throw the party of your dreams.

Contact them today to request a quote and get your next party started! 

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