Large Wedding Tent Rentals For the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

large wedding tent rentals

Are you expecting wind on the day of your Windy City wedding? Or worse – rain clouds? 

If you’ve dreamt of an outdoor wedding, the weather is your greatest obstacle. The threat of a single raindrop is enough to make you question all of your plans. But what if there was a way to plan a gorgeous outdoor event without having to worry about aesthetics or the elements?

Even if you’re having a large event, large wedding tent rentals can help you transform any space into the venue of your dreams.  If you are considering large tent rentals for your Chicago-area wedding, this guide to local tent rentals will help! Read on to learn about the basics and all of the extras!

Large Wedding Tent Rentals: A Guide

Whether you’re planning a colorful celebration or a white wedding tent rental can help keep your guests safe and contained on the big day! Wedding tent rental companies like Indestructo Party Rental have options that you can customize. You don’t have to sacrifice your wedding theme or wedding colors to erect a temporary structure at your outdoor venue! 

Basic Chicago Tent Rental Styles

If you have an image in your head of what you think a rented tent looks like, you might be amazed to learn how many styles are out there. All of these options are available as tent rentals near me in Chicago and the surrounding area.

On the most basic level, you might consider renting a simple pole tent. These structures are open-air, providing cover and shade. These are the most traditional tent style and you can combine them with other styles for ultimate versatility. 

Frame tents are free-standing structures that leave the space unobstructed by poles. They require minimal staking and you can place them against other structures, such as buildings. You can erect these versatile tents poolside, or even over a driveway, or in a parking lot!

Large Chicago Tent Rental Styles

If you are looking into a tent rental for a large wedding, you will want to consider a larger structure. 

High-peak tents are one option for large, elegant events. They have attractive peaks and lines and impressive ceiling height. Imagine an outdoor wedding with cathedral ceilings! These beautiful structures can provide the best of the indoors and the outdoors, regardless of the weather. 

Clear-top tents are another option and have become more popular over time. They are exactly what they sound like – fully translucent structures that allow guests to see the stars or the sunset from safe within the structure. Everyone will be able to enjoy the outdoor venue and the view, even from within the tent walls. 

Finally, if you’re seeking something more solid, you might consider a clearspan structure. You can erect them long-term, and they don’t require stakes, making them ideal for venues that don’t allow staking. They also don’t require any center poles, making the environment feel wide open. 

Sidewalls for Your Tent 

When enclosing your tent, you have many options for customization. You can keep it simple with a basic mesh sidewall, or mix it up with windows, clear walls, and more. 

If you’d like to give the illusion of an indoor space but still allow a view of the outdoors, walls with windows are an elegant solution. You can choose from a variety of window styles. An elegant event may call for cathedral windows, while a couple seeking simple lines might prefer square window panes. 

You can also opt for clear sidewalls for your tent. This allows for guests to see the outdoor venue from anywhere in the space, and can make it feel larger. It’s a beautiful option for daytime weddings, as you will be able to capture natural light ideal for photos! 

If your tent will be completely walled in, you will need to consider doors. You can choose either single or double doors in equally elegant styles. 

Liners, Swags, and Drapes

If you have concerns about visible poles, you might consider dressing your tent up with a variety of liners, swags, and drapes. These gorgeous touches can tie into your theme or colors, and add a touch of sophistication to even the simplest space. 

For weddings, white interior liners are a popular option. Leg drapes, which obscure interior poles, can add a pop of color and elegance. Large leg drapes can be a dramatic touch, and help to divide spaces within the tent. 

Outdoor Lighting Options

On your wedding day, you want great photos, even if you’re having an evening wedding. Lighting is important! Almost every kind of lighting that you might see in a traditional venue is available for your rented tent. 

Tent rentals near me in Chicago can include lighting options such as:

  • Pin spot lighting
  • Colored gel lighting
  • Globe lighting
  • Cafe string lights
  • Paper lanterns
  • Chandeliers
  • And more!

You won’t need to struggle to stand on ladders or hunt for electricity sources, either. If you choose lighting options as part of your rental, all you need to do is show up and bask in their glow! 

Table and Chair Rental in Chicago

When considering table and chair rental near me in Chicago, there were numerous options. Whether you are seeking round tables, banquet tables, or even serpentine tables, you have options. All tables come in a variety of sizes to fit the space, and all can be rented with chairs and linens

Dance Floor Rental in Chicago 

When seeking an outdoor dance floor rental near me in Chicago, you have a million ways to customize. Whether you want a simple wooden dance floor or a raised floor, Indestructo Party Rentals can make it happen. 

They provide a variety of floor coverings for the dance floor or the tent itself. You might want to go green with astroturf, or include elegant parquet. 

If you want a raised dance floor, you can even include classy guard railings to keep everyone safe all night long. 

Elevate Your Outdoor Wedding With Tent Rentals

With large wedding tent rentals, the options for customization are endless! If you haven’t been able to find the venue of your dreams in Chicago, tents can help you build your perfect venue from scratch! You won’t need to sacrifice your dream of an outdoor wedding to provide a gorgeous interior space where guests can gather. 

Indestructo Party Rentals would love to help you design the wedding tent of your dreams. From linens to dance floors, they can provide everything you need to keep guests talking about your big day for years! Reach out today and request a quote to begin planning the wedding of your dreams!

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