10 Awesome Backyard Barbecue Party Tips

backyard barbecue party tips

These backyard barbecue party tips are sure to deliver an over-the-top experience as good as the burgers and brats. From supersized grills to cotton candy machines to fun cocktails, these backyard barbecue party ideas are sure to deliver a sizzling experience guests are going to remember.

Supersize the grill.

An extra-large grill checks off two boxes. A huge grill makes a statement AND that there is going to be enough for everyone! Or, for a bigger effect, rent two large grills so and show everyone the chef is serious about grilling.

Have fun with a theme.

A theme can make a backyard barbecue more entertaining. Plus, there are so many possible party themes. Guests love a luau with a tiki bar and themed cocktails. A glow-in-the-dark theme is a great chance to dress up the backyard with fun décor and to add glowing décor to the backyard pool. An Americana theme isn’t complete without flag décor and tableware.

Rent a clear tent.

Tents are a great way to give guests cover from rain. A clear tent does that, and brings the outdoors in! Clear tents work well in shaded areas and over patios and decks. Plus, clear tents add a one-of-a-kind touch to a backyard grill out.

Have fun serving cotton candy to guests.

Most people expect to see cotton candy at fairs and festivals, which makes it the perfect addition to a backyard grill out. A cotton candy machine is a natural addition to a carnival-themed barbecue, or a great treat for guests to enjoy while watching a firework show.

Be creative with cocktails.

The right cocktails can be conversation starters and fuel to keep a party going. Plus, it’s the start of so many different backyard barbecue ideas. A personalized menu with signature cocktails (with creative names!) served from a fun portable bar is a great gathering point for guests. For younger guests, rent a slushie machine and serve appropriately colored drinks (red, white, and blue for a 4th of July barbecue or bright-colored slushies for a beach party).

Add outdoor lighting so guests can stay past sunset.

Outdoor lighting is functional and beautiful, allowing guests to relax and mingle once the sun set. In addition to traditional string lights, party planners can also rent bright-colored lanterns for a festive backyard barbecue or street lanterns for an upscale touch.

Make it a movie night.

A movie night is a great backyard barbecue party idea with so many possibilities. Feel guests feel like celebrities by rolling out the red carpet for guests. This backyard barbecue party idea isn’t complete without a popcorn machine, large screen, and comfortable seating.

Get a sound system as big as your party.

This list of backyard barbecue party tips wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a sound system. A sound system is the perfect way to make announcements or play background music that completes the party atmosphere. Guests are going to love beachy music playing as they enjoy cocktails and a pool, or dance tunes that fill up the dance floor.

Keep drinks cool and in easy-to-find locations.

Summers are a great time for backyard grill outs, but they’re also notoriously hot. No matter what the theme, it’s imperative for party planners to put hydration ideas toward the top of their list of backyard barbecue party ideas. This can be done with chill tables and tubs, a sno-cone machine, or portable bars strategically placed around the party so guests can easily access them and enjoy.

Give guests many different ways to entertain and enjoy.

While mingling is always a top choice for entertainment, party planners shouldn’t be afraid to go beyond the norm. There are so many ways to entertain guests at a backyard grill out, such as yard games, carnival games, movies, water fun, dancing, and kid games. Think ring toss, karaoke, corn hole, a backyard movie…the possibilities for entertainment are endless.

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