9 Awesome Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

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These “go big or go home” outdoor birthday party ideas for adults are the perfect start to planning the perfect backyard event. From an upscale garden party to an outdoor movie under the stars, there is sure to be a party theme that fits the host and the occasion.

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Adults

9 Awesome Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Adults 1

Classic Picnic

A classic picnic is the perfect traditional birthday party theme that takes guests back to a simpler time. This scene can be set with tables and red checkered table cloths, picnic tables, or blankets for a relaxed birthday party theme. Of course, this birthday party idea wouldn’t be complete without a traditional picnic menu and games.


This is one of those birthday party ideas for adults that almost designs itself. Dress up the occasion with grass skirts (on guests and tables) and a fantastic portable bar that resembles the best tiki bar. This birthday party theme wouldn’t be complete without some delicious outdoor dining and a full cocktail menu.


A carnival birthday party theme comes with a list of entertainment ideas. Planners can choose from cotton candy machines, ring toss, bounce houses (for the young at heart), popcorn machines, outdoor bowling, bean bag toss, slushies, a pick a duck game, and plenty of prizes for the winners.

beach themed event with chafing dishes and grass table skirt

Tropical Party

A tropical party theme is the chance to make guests feel like they are on an island getaway. Guests’ll love to feel like they are on a beach with a tropical appetizers and cocktails (made in a margarita machine), palm trees, surf boards, and other beach décor.


This patriotic birthday party theme is everything that people image when picturing an all-American backyard grill out. It’s fairly easy to take this theme to the next level with an extra-large grill, red and blue cocktails, and all the red, white, and blue décor and dishes that guests enjoy.

formal outdoor birthday party in tent

Garden Party

The garden party is an upscale affair that makes guests feel like they are royalty. The experience can be enhanced with a clear tent that brings the outdoors in, regal table settings, lamp posts, light appetizers, and formal décor.

Retro/Throwback Party

A throwback party is completely customizable, allowing planners to choose the birthday honoree’s favorite decade as the theme. A vintage party can be a wonderful Great Gatsby affair with jazz music, gold décor, and all the glitz and glamour of the 20s. If the birthday guest is a bit more modern, choose a 90s theme with neon colors, fun tunes, and other fun touches.

9 Awesome Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Adults 2

Casino Night

A casino night is a fun backyard party theme because it allows party planners to incorporate all the glitz and glamor of Vegas. There are so many birthday party ideas for adults that coordinate into this theme: fountains, bright lights, Black Jack tables, slot machines, and scrumptious grub.

Outdoor Movie

An outdoor movie is a night under the stars that everyone can remember. This birthday party theme makes everyone feel like they attending the best outdoor movie theater with a big screen, slushies, hot dogs, nachos, and seating that makes guests feel like they are a movie star.

Outdoor Birthday Party Tips

  • Estimate the amount of room available for a tent before contacting the tent rental company.
  • Always plan for plenty of cover (i.e. tent, patio cover, etc.) to give guests respite from the hot sun or rain.
  • Use fans and cool drinks to keep guests comfortable and cool on hot, muggy days.
  • Add lounge areas to the party layout so guests can relax and socialize.
  • If the birthday party may run late or is scheduled to run into the evening hours, use lighting to keep areas well-lighted.
  • Keep mosquitos away with candles and other repellants so guests want to stay at the party.
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