Common Chicago Medical Tent Questions (and Answers)

tent installed adjacent to a building could be used as a medical tent

Medical tents are an essential part of the pandemic in Chicago, providing cover during testing, screening, and even when workers need a break. This post provides answers to some of the most common questions about medical and hospital tents available for medical facilities and businesses in Chicago. 

What hospital tent options are available in Chicago?

There are many different medical tent options available, all with a quick and versatile installation. Medical tents can be installed over parking lots, in parking garages, and over lawns.

Screening Tents

Screening tents can be stand-alone structures or installed directly adjacent to a building. These medical tents are perfect for screening people before they enter a building or a shelter for workers who are screening in a parking lot. Longer tents are available for proper social distancing, while smaller tents make a compact shelter for workers.

Testing Tents

Testing tents are available in many different sizes and can be installed over almost any surface. These tents can be installed directly adjacent to a building, in a parking garage, or in a parking lot. These tents can be used for walk-in testing, laboratory use, or any other testing needs.

Drive Through Medical Tents

Drive-through medical tents are customizable. The tent sidewalls can be placed strategically for smooth traffic flow. These tents are versatile enough to install over parking lots or in parking garages.

Hospital Space

Additional hospital space is a valuable asset during the pandemic in Chicago. Fortunately, these hospital tents are versatile enough for almost any use, such as additional lab space, breakroom, or quarantine area.

Can a medical tent be used in winter?

Yes! Medical tents can be utilized in winter, even on the coldest Chicago days. Tents are available with a variety of “extras” that keep occupants warm. These “extras” include sidewalls that block the wind, heaters, and climate-controlled systems that are connected to a thermostat.

Medical tents can also be installed with doors that enclose the space and keep the heat inside. Walkways are also available; these tents keep workers and patients warm as they move between tents or provide a block from the outside wind if they are installed to the outside of the hospital tent. These walkways also work well for screening tents. An equipment specialist can match the right tent and tent features to meet the needs of any medical facility.

What other rentals are available for medical tents?

In addition to tent space, there are many other rentals available for medical tents:

  • Climate-controlled systems. Heaters make medical tents more comfortable on cold Chicago days. For larger tents, climate-controlled systems attached to a thermostat keep the space at a temperature suitable for use year-round.
  • Tables. Tables are available for almost any use in medical tents. Most tables are hard surface, and fairly easy to disinfect and clean. Round and rectangular tables are available for a functional layout.
  • Chairs. Chairs are an essential piece of equipment in screening tents, hospital tents, breakrooms, and lab space. Most chairs are made of a hard material that is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Flooring. Flooring makes it easier for rolling furniture to move and for spill clean-up. Like tables and chairs, flooring is hard-surface and easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Sound system and screens. Sound systems and screens are useful for direction of traffic and materials. Fortunately, both are available for use in screening tents, drive-through medical tents, and hospital tents.
  • Other rentals. There are a number of other items available for rent, such as portable bars, food service, chilling tables, and table linens. An equipment specialist can provide a full list of equipment available for medical tents, and help medical facilities and businesses choose the right equipment for their specific needs.
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