Chicago Medical Tent Options

doors for chicago medical tent

There are a number of different tents and tent features that can be combined to make a safe and comfortable Chicago medical tent. These tents can be installed quickly almost over any type of surface in a parking garage, over a parking lot, or over a grassy space. The tents also come with a number of features that make them useful for testing, triage, and additional space. (Contact a tent specialist for the right Chicago medical tent and features that fit organizational needs.) Many of these tents don’t need staking, either, making them a convenient short- or long-term solution for hospitals, clinics, and other medical organizations.

Chicago Medical Tent Options

Testing Tents

Testing tents provide shelter from extreme Chicago weather. These temporary tents come in all sizes and can be used by medical staff for test collection, as shelter at a drive-thru testing site, or for another use. They can also be divided for drive-thru testing sites with multiple lanes.

Triage/Patient Screening

Triage and patient screening spaces are versatile spaces. Smaller triage and patient screening tents are compact enough for isolation from other workers or patients, but large enough for proper screening and treatment. These tents can be set up as an entryway next to a building, in an ambulance bay, or in any other space. For more extensive needs, larger tents have enough room for proper social distancing and partitions that divide the space. Both small and large tents come with sidewalls that provide shelter from the elements, and heaters and climate-controlled systems if needed.

Additional Space

There are a number of tents available for additional space when medical facilities need it. These tents come in different sizes and heights, making them versatile enough to fit over outside parking lots or in indoor parking garages. Tents come with sidewalls and a number of features that make them a viable short- or long-term option.

Medical Tent Features

Doors and Sidewalls

There are a number of doors and sidewalls available for Chicago medical tents. Doors and sidewalls enclose the space for workers and patients so the space remains comfortable. Sidewalls also provide insulation, reduce outside sound, and keep insects out of the Chicago medical tent. Doors can also be installed in different sides of the tent to ensure proper flow and an efficient layout in the space, and are available in single or double doors. Sidewalls are available in solid panels or with clear window areas that allow natural lighting in. If access is an issue, barricades are also available to control access to the space.

Climate Controlled Systems

Climate controlled systems are discreet, but functional enough to heat or cool the space. Many climate-controlled systems come with a thermostat that keeps the temperature inside the tent at a constant temperature. Smaller, portable heaters are also available for smaller Chicago medical tent spaces.


Flooring is a useful Chicago medical tent addition because it makes spill clean-up easy. The flooring is also useful if any furniture is in the space, such as rolling carts or office chairs.


Overhead and free-standing lighting is available for Chicago medical tents. Tent lighting is available in many different types and is easy to use when needed.

Air Exhaust Systems

Proper air flow is a necessity in a Chicago medical tent. Air exhaust systems circulate air and contribute to a safe space, along with proper protocols.

Tables and Chairs

While tables and chairs are not necessarily a tent feature, they are useful when setting up a Chicago medical tent. Many table and chair rentals are made with hard-surfaces that can be easily disinfected and maintained.

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