Chicago Restaurant Tents: Options, Tips, Dining Guidelines

interior of restaurant tents in Rosemont, IL

There are quite a few options for Chicago restaurant tents, all of which offer versatile and comfortable outdoor dining. During the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant tents can serve a number of functions and provide a safe option for outdoor dining.

Restaurant Tent Options


When warm and comfortable walkways are needed, smaller tents make ideal walkways between buildings or between tents and restaurants. Walkways can be installed over almost every surface, including sidewalks, asphalt, and sod. These tents offer shelter from rain and snow, and can be open or fitted with sidewalls for protection from Chicago’s hot and cold temperatures.

Small Dining Tents

Small dining tents can offer a more intimate dining experience for patrons. These tents fit small parties, and provide a unique rental opportunity for restaurants. Small dining tents can be clear or enclosed, allowing patrons to enjoy the view or enjoy a cozy dining setting.

Restaurant Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures are ideal for restaurants with outside seating areas or flat areas adjacent to their location. These Chicago restaurant tents can be easily installed to fit almost any patio and provide shelter from extreme weather conditions. Many enclosures come with clear sidewalls that bring in light and allow patrons to enjoy outdoor dining year-round. These enclosures can add extra seating when capacity is limited indoors or when only outdoor dining is allowed.

Large Dining Tents

Large dining tents are ideal for restaurants when only outdoor dining is allowed or for extended seating options. The size of the tent allows restaurants to properly social distance tables. These tents also can come with sidewalls and doors, which ensure that the space is comfortable. Contact an equipment specialist for other rentals that keep patrons comfortable and allow for safe dining.

Restaurant Tent Rentals

Heaters & Air Conditioning

Climate-controlled systems are available for larger tents. These systems are attached to a thermostat and keep the space comfortable on the hottest and coolest Chicago days. In smaller Chicago restaurant tents, individual heaters or cooling units are available for guest comfort.

Doors & Sidewalls

Tent doors and sidewalls keep a space enclosed while still allowing for proper ventilation. Sidewalls are available in different designs that contribute to a unique dining experience. The tent doors make a grand entrance and are easy to disinfect when needed.


Screens are a good option for Chicago restaurants or bars who want to broadcast sports game for patrons or just want to provide an entertaining atmosphere. Rented screens can be secured in any number of ways so everyone can enjoy the game in a large dining tent or in a more intimate small dining tent.

Tables & Chairs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, tables and chairs should be easy-to-clean. A rental equipment specialist can assist restaurants choose the right tables and chairs that fit the atmosphere and are easy-to-disinfect.


Lighting is always a top consideration for restaurants. Fortunately, there are multiple lighting options for Chicago restaurant tents. Light poles, string lights, paper lanterns and other lighting provides function and style to a dining tent.


Proper ventilation is a requirement for safe outdoor dining in restaurant tents. Fans and air purifiers are the ideal solution and are available for purchase or rent.

Dining Tent Tips

  • Contact an equipment specialist for Chicago restaurant tents that are large enough to meet social distancing requirements.
  • Always post signage that informs patrons of COVID-19 pandemic requirements and to direct guests.
  • Establish cleaning protocols and regular cleaning schedule that ensures a safe dining experience.
  • Place hand sanitizers and disinfection products in convenient locations for guests to access.
  • Use a dining tent rental checklist to ensure that all supplies are rented and available for use.
  • Train staff in all new COVID-19 protocols to ensure the dining tent is clean and safe.

Dining Guidelines for Chicago Restaurants

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