6 Amazing Chicago Restaurant Enclosures (With Pictures)

outdoor dining tent in Chicago

Chicago restaurant enclosures are the first step in providing a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience, as these pictures of Chicago dining tents prove. They are also very versatile, allowing restaurants to extend their dining space or provide a stand-alone dining tent (perfect for when only outdoor dining is allowed in Chicago).

How to Rent a Chicago Restaurant Enclosure

Chicago restaurant enclosures come in a variety of options. A series of small dining tents provide the perfect social-distanced dining experience. A Chicago restaurant patio enclosure allows businesses to utilize a patio and extend their dining space. The free-standing tent is an excellent option for Chicago restaurants who want a separate entrance or want it set up in a location away from the restaurant building. Each type of restaurant enclosure comes with a general set of tent rental steps and tips for setting up a dining tent.

Determine the size of the restaurant enclosure.

The first step is to decide the size of the enclosure and amount of enclosures. Multiple enclosures are a good solution for Chicago restaurants with multiple outdoor seating areas or who want to set up multiple dining tents for smaller parties. Restaurant owner and managers should also estimate the size of the enclosure needed, while keeping in mind that seating should be six feet apart. (More guidelines can be found on the Illinois Restaurant Association List of Resources and on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Disinfecting and Sanitizing Page.)

Gather key details about the installation location.

Restaurant enclosures can be installed over almost any surface, including concrete, asphalt, and sod. A dining tent can even be set up over a deck. Some enclosures require staking into the sod, while other structures are installed without staking. Restaurant owners and managers should give information about the surface and whether the tent can be staked when contacting a restaurant enclosure company.

The company also needs other information, such as whether sidewalls, lighting, and a climate-controlled system is needed. The latter is a “must-have” for Chicago restaurants when the temperatures drop. There are several quality options for maintaining a comfortable dining tent for patrons. A climate-controlled system comes with a thermostat that maintains a set temperature and is perfect for larger restaurant enclosures. The system is discreet and won’t be noticed by patrons inside the tent. In a smaller Chicago restaurant enclosure, small heaters keep the temperature pleasant and consistent. In addition to comfort, it is also important to maintain airflow for safe dining.

Decide on entrance points and the flow of the space.

When setting up a restaurant enclosure, Chicago restaurant owners and managers should consider the flow of the space to avoid gatherings. Enclosures and tents can be installed with doors for easy entrance and exits. Ropes and signs are also an easy way to direct and keep patrons safe. Many Chicago tent rental companies have these items available for rent, as well as lighting, easy-to-disinfect seating and tables, tents, and patio enclosures.

Contact a tent rental company.

Once several details are confirmed (location, size, etc.), restaurant owners and managers should contact a tent rental company about a Chicago restaurant enclosure. Equipment rental professionals can also provide information and assistance about choosing the right type of tent and coordinating other key details.

Chicago Outdoor Dining Tent Pictures

dining tent at Chicago restaurant for outdoor dining
Restaurant tent covering the patio in Mount Prospect, Illinois 

restaurant enclosure in Rosemont, IL
Restaurant enclosure for restaurant in Rosemont, IL that extends dining space
dining tent at restaurant in Chicago
Smaller dining tent offers a more intimate dining experience
outdoor dining tent in Chicago
Heated tents in use at restaurant in Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago
restaurant patio tent enclosure in chicago il
This dining tent has installed doors for convenience and a safe flow
dining tent in Rosemont, IL
This large outdoor dining tent has enough room for safe distancing of tables and chairs.
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