How big of a tent do I need?

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Renting a tent for a wedding, business, or Chicago event comes with a long list of questions, including “How big of a tent do I need?” This post answers that question, as well as other common questions that event planners typically ask about tents while event planning.  

How big should a tent be?

The exact size of a tent depends on a number of factors, including the type of tent, guest count, and type of seating (i.e. at round tables, family style, theater seating, etc.), and whether space is needed for a bar or dance floor. (Find out more about how large of a dance floor is needed.) In extremely general terms, event planners should expect that a 20×40 tent fits approximately 80 people seated theater style and 64 at round tables. The best way to determine what size tent best fits your event is to contact an experienced Chicago event rental professional.

What information do I need when renting a tent?

This information should be compiled before renting a tent:

  • Space address
  • Size of space where tent is going to be installed
  • Approximate guest count
  • Seating style in tent (i.e. theater, round table, family style, etc.)
  • Any other rentals that are going in the tent (i.e. dance floor, bar, etc.)
  • Whether the tent can be staked or not
  • Surface under and around tent (i.e. asphalt, cement, lawn, etc.)
  • Whether sidewalls are needed
  • If any lighting or climate control (heating or cooling) is needed
  • When the tent can be set up and taken down
  • Any other rentals needed (use this outdoor wedding checklist or event list)

Contact an event planning professional with the information to request a quote for any event or business in Chicagoland. An event planning professional can also help businesses and planners select the type of tent and rentals that fit their needs.

Do I need a permit in Chicago?

In some cases, businesses, events, and weddings may require a permit for a tent in Chicago and in surrounding communities. The city of Chicago has published information about applying for a tent permit on their website. In other Illinois municipalities, the requirements for a permit and documentation needed vary, so couples, event planners, and business managers should contact their local clerk for more information. Some municipalities also have curfews and other regulations that can affect a wedding or event.

How can I request a tent for my Chicago event?

It’s fairly simple to request a tent for an event in Chicagoland. Simply contact a tent rental company with information about the space and event.

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