10 Questions to Ask When Renting a Wedding Tent


There are so many beautiful wedding tents that can make a day beautiful, and quite a few questions that need to be asked to find the “one.” It’s best to ask these questions BEFORE renting a wedding tent because it makes the process smooth and easy.

How many people are expected?

Couples don’t need to have an exact count, but it is best to have an estimated guest count when contacting a tent rental company. (This number is an important part of choosing the right size tent. Contact a tent rental company for assistance with choosing the size and type of tent.) In general, it’s common to expect 80-90% of all invited guests to attend.

10 Questions to Ask When Renting a Wedding Tent 1

Is the ceremony going to be held under the tent? Will a second tent be needed for the ceremony?

Typically, couples hold the ceremony in one area, and the reception in another. (Though every wedding is different!) If there is a separate ceremony site, couples should decide whether they want cover for the ceremony. Clear tents are available for couples who want cover from the elements while still enjoying the scenery.

What kind of seating is needed for the meal? Are any tables needed for dinner and bar service?

There are a few options for seating and dinner service at a wedding:

  • Long tables (food is served family-style on platters to guests at long tables)
  • Round tables (guests are seated until they are served or need to go to the buffet)
  • Long tables (food is served sit-down to guests at tables)
  • Picnic tables (for a casual meal)

In addition to dinner seating, couples should also consider buffet tables, high tables for cocktail hour, and other items on the list of outdoor wedding rentals. For drinks, couples should consider portable bars, chill tables or tubs, and other portable drink coolers.

wedding tent with dramatic lighting

What kind of lighting is needed?

Couples who plan a daytime wedding don’t need to worry about lighting. For a wedding that lasts into the evening, couples should contact a rental company about lighting that adds function and style.

Is a dance floor needed?

A dance floor is a wonderful way to protect guests shoes and the lawn. Before renting a dance floor, couples should always ask a venue whether dance floors are allowed or preferred. If dance floors are allowed, couples can use this dance floor rental guide to determine the right size for the wedding.

Is there enough space for the tent? Are there any restrictions for tent installation?

Before renting a wedding tent, couples should always ask the venue for the maximum size of tent allowed on site. They should also ask if there are any restrictions that might impact the rental, such as if stakes are allowed. (There are wedding tents available that can be installed without stakes. Contact a Chicago tent rental company for options.)

Are there any contingencies we need to plan for?

While the Chicago weather can be beautiful, it can also be hot, rainy, and cold. When planning a wedding, it’s always best to plan for the best weather—and the worst. Rental companies typically have items that can make guests comfortable even on the worst of days, such as tent sidewalls, air conditioning, and heat.

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