What Are the Available Floor Options for My Next Party?

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Planning the event of your dreams is exciting and stressful at the same time. Imagine everyone having a wonderful time, dancing, and enjoying delicious food surrounded by beautiful lights and decorations right under a quality tent from Indestructo Party Rental. Our experienced event planners are here to help you find the perfect tent for your upcoming event. One of the features you should consider, whether your event is inside or outside, is floor coverings. Whether you rent a tent or have your event in a pavilion, patio, or other structure, flooring enhances the entire atmosphere and offers safer walking conditions. Yes, you can simply use the ground, concrete, or grass that is under the tent or location, but adding unique floor options to the mix is better for acoustics, safety, and ambiance. From astroturf to custom-colored carpets and hardwood floors, we have impressive floor options that can make a big difference.

Available Floor Options

Several floor options exist that can help take your event to the next level. 

Raised Wood Floor Options For Uneven Surfaces

The solution for uneven land is strong, durable raised wood floors. You might not have thought you could enjoy a property that has a beautiful view unless the ground was level. We have a solution. Our top-quality wood floors feature substructure beams and plywood to keep the floor firm, stable, and safe for guests to dance, dine, and have fun. If you are looking for a raised wood floor, no worries! This is the perfect option for surfaces that are sloped, too. Railings for additional security can be added, an excellent addition for elevated floors. Once they are professionally installed by our expert team, you will enjoy a raised floor just as you would one right on the ground.

Floor Coverings That Add Color, Dimension, and Texture

Just because your event is outside or inside an unsightly building doesn’t mean you can’t enhance the event with color and ambiance. Fill the space with a beautiful Indestructo Party Rental tent and cover the floor with colorful astroturf, carpet, or hardwood. We have parquet dance floors, black and white checked dance floors, and carpet colors that will coordinate with your envy theme. 

Whether you cover the entire floor, mix and match with other floor types, including using carpet runners for traffic flow, we can make it happen for you. Each floor type offers something different. We are here to help you find the perfect style and material for you.

Textured Wood Floors Offer Flexibility

There is something warm and special about adding a wood floor to your special event. If you are looking for floor options that give the mood of a traditional feel, a wood floor is the perfect option. Wood flooring is available in different designs, shades, and colors, can double as dance floors, and offers unlimited decorating options. For example, our one-of-a-kind parquet wood floors could border the perimeter of the tent, while a black and white design could serve as the center dance floor. A wood floor is also ideal for the inside portion of the floor for dining and dancing, and the perimeter could feature a colorful carpet. Our expert team will work one-on-one with you to help you find the perfect flooring combination.

Astroturf Offers Durability and Timeless Designs

Astroturf or artificial grass looks similar to the real thing and offers a more natural look and realistic feel. Green artificial grass is ideal for a natural outdoor occasion as it coordinates with plants and flowers beautifully. It’s simple, versatile, slip-resistant, and always great. We also have black artificial grass for those looking for more sleek, unexpected flooring. Black is perfect for more formal occasions like weddings and black-tie events. Remember that astroturf can be combined with other floor options, like wood, for eye-catching dimensions. Flooring is an integral part of your event’s overall theme and mood. We can help you design a combination that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Carpet Runners & Stanchions Guide Guests

Make your red carpet-worthy event. It’s surprising how easily you can direct traffic flow with our colorful carpet runners and stanchions. No signage is needed. Our beautiful, quality carpet runners are available in an array of colors, widths, and lengths. Add metal stanchions with coordinating ropes that complete and create a unified look. Whether you need a carpet runner for the bridal party to enter the tent, a walkway to the buffet line, or to mark the podium for speakers, we can make it happen for you.

Protective Vinyl Floor Coverings Get The Job Done

If your dance party, wedding, graduation, or any event for that matter is inside a gymnasium or other space where the floor needs overall protection, our quality vinyl floor coverings are the solution for you. They have assisted hundreds of our customers who depend on us. When vinyl floor coverings are professionally installed, they are safe, secure, and highly durable for foot traffic, dancing, renovations, and more. When the party is over, simply remove them and reveal the original floor.

Create a Theme To Help Select The Perfect Floor Type

After you decide the location, date, and time of your special event, make a checklist that helps you organize and plan. First, select a theme and color combination. A wedding will be much different than a graduation or birthday party. This theme will inspire you to find decorations and decor that will coordinate and work together. The floor options for color, style, and type should go along with your theme, as it is the foundation for everything in the space. This includes fabric, lighting, table coverings, flowers, and other accents. Our team suggests creating a mood board with your wish list that you can refer to while you are planning and decorating.

Contact Our Indestructo Party Renal Experts Today

Our team of professionals has helped hundreds of satisfied customers for more than 100 years. Whatever size or occasion, we are here to help you plan every step of the way with our complete line of tents, stages, and floor options. From set up to tear down and every stage in between, we aim to make your special event a seamless and enjoyable experience. Contact our team at Indestructo Party Rental in Des Plaines, IL, today and call 874-375-8510.

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