What Is a Trade Show Value Package & How Can It Help Me?

trade show value package

Before you plan a trade show, consider how a trade show value package could help you save time and money. Even if you are not ready to plan one yet, researching options to combine event elements into one order can make it less stressful when it’s time to plan the show. Some items are more popular during certain times of the year, so it’s better to check them out sooner rather than later.

What Is a Trade Show Value Package?

For those who are setting up trade shows, a trade show value package tends to be a collection of useful items for the trade show experience that rest at a price point that helps the organization or individual running the show maximize profits. Since small elements of events can add up quickly, purchasing value packages can help you cut corners without sacrificing quality. Although every budget is different, you should look into pricing for value packages to create a realistic budget for a trade show while increasing their value.

How Are Trade Show Value Packages Helpful?

From a monetary perspective, it doesn’t take an accountant to understand how purchasing a trade show value package to put money back in your pocket as a business owner can be helpful. Beyond reducing costs associated with running an event, value packages for trade shows can remind you of essential items for your event shopping list, like specialty information and registration booths. If it’s your first time running an event like this, value packages can give you ideas for what you might need that may not be intuitive in the early stages of planning.

Trade Show Value Packages for Small Venues

Since smaller trade shows tend to have lower budgets, it’s all the more important for those running these events to rely on a trade show value package to reduce costs. Depending on the size of your venue, you may need to decide what types of stages and platforms will fit in that space. Asking for square footage of event spaces and taking measurements before you rent stages can ensure that you won’t have something too large to fit in the venue or reduce seating space for those attending the event. If you need more space, a tent can increase your trade show “real estate.”

Public Speaking Events Made Easy

While you might think that you can only take advantage of a trade show value package if you’re hosting a trade show, many events may benefit from this type of package. For those who are running speaking events like open mics or featured speaker lectures, getting speaker podiums at a price that fits your budget is a must. Some value packages may include microphones and other related equipment, so you should ask about those options if needed.

Get Your Message Heard Loud and Clear

While you might think of stages and signs when you look for a trade show value package, they also offer technology that enhances the quality of the event. You could have the most interesting speaker or the coolest auction items, but that won’t matter if no one can hear your message. This is why investing in quality sound equipment in a value package can make or break your event.

Control the Crowd

From keeping attendees a safe distance from expensive items to designating specific areas for waiting to see an exhibit, you’ll want to consider how a trade show value package can help you manage folks effortlessly. If you need to block off certain parts of a venue, you can take a hands-free approach. By using crowd control stanchions, you will have a clear barrier that most attendees can recognize and respect.

Safe and Effective Signage Displays

As we said earlier, signage can make a huge difference, so it’s good to include it in a trade show value package. From double-sided tack boards to display easels and sign holders, value packages can make these necessary items more affordable. You’ll need a sign regardless, but you might as well save money on it if you can without sacrificing quality. Signage is the first impression most folks get of your event. If it’s not professionally displayed, it could be their last impression before giving your event a chance.

Manage Waste in the Venue

Since many trade shows don’t allow food or beverages in the venue, having waste baskets outside the doors can give attendees zero excuses for having food and beverages with them. If your event has a messy component, waste management can make clean-up more effortless than ever. Of course, you don’t want to spend more money than you have to on this aspect of an event, so you should look to score a good deal on it.

Provide Space for Stashing Coats and Jackets

As attendees stroll through your trade show, they may leave earlier than they’d like if they have to lug their heavy coats with them. A trade show value package can help you make a place for them to store their coats and stay a while safely. You can rent a coat rack with hangers if your venue doesn’t have a coat closet or other storage option.

Protect the Flooring

Once your trade show is over, you won’t want to have to pay fines for damaging the flooring or pay the cost of a professional cleaner for dirty floors. If you don’t want to spend this money later, you can save money by seeing if your trade show value package offers options to protect the floors. By using protective floor tarps and carpet, you can ensure that the event doesn’t impact the floor as much as it could.

In conclusion, some elements of value packages for trade shows might be optional. Others, like Custom Booth Signs installed with sign hooks, will be essential for letting passersby know that your event exists as they pass it. Quality signage can make the difference between a huge turnout and low traffic, so you should invest in a custom sign, even if it means reducing other areas of your budget.

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