Why a Heated Outdoor Tent Is a Great Option for Your Wedding Reception


Research shows that most weddings hosts 131 guests, including those at the reception. 72% of couples also consider guests to be their number one priority.

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding as well as the reception. This is where having a heated outdoor tent can come in handy for most wedding parties.

If you have chosen to have an outdoor wedding, you most likely want some kind of covering. Rented outdoor tents offer the perfect option, and some even come heated.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of using a heated outdoor tent for your reception.

How Does a Heated Outdoor Tent Work?

Renting outdoor tents for your wedding is a very common practice. Outdoor weddings are popular, but you probably still want an enclosed space.

Outdoor tents are large and offer plenty of room for your wedding reception. Heated outdoor tents create heat by using a propane heater that blows warm air inside.

An inside-mounted thermostat helps to control the temperature as warm air is sent through diffuser vents. These tents have sidewalls so that the heat does not escape.

Electric heat is also available, and all of the heating units are very easy to operate.

Benefits of a Heated Tent for a Wedding Reception

If you are going to have your wedding reception outdoors, you may be concerned about the weather. After all, you have to think about the comfort of all of your guests.

Part of event planning is making sure you cover all of the bases. This includes considering how cold it may get and how long everyone will be outdoors.

This is why getting a heated tent can be a great option to reduce these concerns. Keep reading to find out why a heated tent may be the best option for your reception.

Improved Comfort

The main reason why people choose heated tents for their wedding party is comfort. Depending on when your wedding is, the weather may be a bit chilly.

Guests will have already been sitting outside for the wedding ceremony. To keep your guests comfortable, you want to provide a controlled environment.

A heated outdoor tent allows you to do just that to keep everyone happy. Many people will be dressed in their best clothes, which may not provide a lot of warmth.

This gives everybody the comfort to enjoy eating and dancing during the reception. It encourages guests to stay longer instead of heading home right after the ceremony.

Seasonal Flexibility 

One of the biggest benefits of using a heated venue is flexibility. When you have an outdoor wedding, you often have to think about the season and the weather.

This can really limit your options since you obviously don’t want to be out in the freezing cold. A heated tent solves this problem so you could have your wedding whenever.

No matter what the weather is like, your wedding can go on as planned. This guarantees that everyone will be comfortable and will have a good experience.

If things get too cold, you can even move the wedding ceremony into the tent. This gives you flexibility in case the weather does not do what it was supposed to.

Less Stress

Event planning is very stressful, not to mention wedding planning. Having an outdoor wedding can come with specific kinds of stress relating to the weather.

You also may be worried about the comfort of your guests and how they feel. This is especially true if you have elderly people or children coming to your reception.

Having a heated tent guarantees that these kinds of issues will be resolved. This reduces how much stress you feel while planning your wedding and on the actual day.

Should You Rent Tents for Your Wedding Reception?

If you are having an outdoor wedding, renting an outdoor tent is a necessity. It is important that you have some kind of structure where everyone can congregate in.

If you’re having a spring wedding, you probably don’t have to worry about heating. But other seasons may require this extra measure just in case.

Even a spring wedding has the risk of the weather turning cold. It is always better to be prepared rather than surprised if the weather changes on your wedding day.

A heated tent guarantees that everyone will have a warm place to go in case of cold weather or rain.

How Can You Use a Heated Tent?

You can utilize a heated outdoor tent for wedding ceremonies and receptions. But these are also useful for all other kinds of events as well.

If you are holding an event outside, this can be a great option for comfort. You could be hosting a birthday party or a business event, and this would still be a good addition.

Weather can be unpredictable, and having a heated tent guarantees that this will not be a problem. It even allows you to host outdoor holiday parties when the weather’s colder.

Heated Outdoor Tent Benefits

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you may be concerned about the weather. Renting a heated outdoor tent can solve this problem for you.

These tents are heated with electric or propane heat, creating a temperature-controlled environment. This creates a perfect place to eat and dance after your wedding ceremony.

Do you need to rent a heated outdoor tent for your wedding reception? Contact us today at Indestructo Party Rental for all of your tent rental needs.

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