Chicago’s Turning Green: Your Guide to Throwing an Unforgettable St. Patrick’s Day Party

St. Patrick's Day party

Some combinations simply make sense: peanut butter and jelly, rum and coke, and Chicago and St. Patrick’s Day. 

Dark times may have been the impetus for many Irish citizens to immigrate to the windy city back in the famine days, but they certainly made the best of it. The children of Ireland’s first immigrants went on to open universities, run for political office, and ultimately transform cultural life in Chicago. Today, Chi-town is home to the largest St. Patrick’s Day party outside Dublin. 

We realize that March is on the tail end of the frigid winter season, but that doesn’t mean you or your patrons shouldn’t enjoy this iconic outdoor celebration. After all, even the Chicago river gets in the spirit! Is it possible to throw a party outdoors that won’t leave your green beer frozen in the pint glass?

Your best celebration ever begins with party planning tips from Indestructo Party Rental, the premiere Chicago tent rental company. Read on to learn how to keep warm on St. Patty’s day, with or without the luck of the Irish. 

Beat the March Chill With a Tent Rental

One important aspect of the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations is the sense of community. Everyone is Irish on March 17th, so everyone is part of the festivities. You’ll find the entire city dressed in head-to-toe green—but sometimes green hats, coats, and scarves are still necessary during this chilly, unpredictable time of year. 

Why keep all the joy contained indoors when the high-octane celebration is longing to be set loose? Bar and restaurant owners know how packed an indoor space can become when the green beer is flowing. Throwing the perfect party means opening the doors and using your patio space, even if the weather disagrees. 

Embrace Tent Rentals Near Me in Chicago

When you look into tent rental near me, prioritize companies like Indestructo Party Rental, which offers heated tents with optional dance floor rental. You won’t find a more convenient or reputable table and chair rental near me, either. They provide complete installation and breakdown, so you won’t have to lift a finger to get the party started. 

Imagine a live band playing as your emerald-clad guests drink and dance the night away with a view of the city. They’ll be toasty warm in the heated space, so they won’t want to leave to crawl to the next pub. They’ll benefit from a safe and festive place to celebrate, and you’ll benefit from a full evening of patronage. 

Plus, when your St Patrick’s Day celebration is visible from the street, you’re more likely to attract the attention of folks walking by. An outdoor space makes cautious guests feel safer during cold and flu season, too. 

St. Patrick’s Day Party Tips

Once you’ve reached out about an outdoor dance floor rental near me and have everything set up, you’ll want to get the details perfect. After all, your guests have plenty of options in the Chicago area. What will you offer that can convince them to spend their St. Patty’s day at your bar or restaurant? 

Foremost, consider St. Patrick’s Day party favors and giveaways. You can often work with your distributors to gather branded freebies that your guests will love, from pint glasses to beaded shamrock necklaces. 

Some establishments offer a bottomless beer special if patrons buy a particular glass or festive cup. As long as guests drink free, they’ll stick around to enjoy appetizers, food, and atmosphere. 

Fun and Games

You might also consider offering some St. Patrick’s Day party games. Once patrons are good and tipsy, these entertaining offerings become even more fun. 

Considering the following activities:

  • Irish-themed pub trivia
  • Green beer pong tournament 
  • Drunken outdoor cornhole 
  • Hot Potato drinking game
  • Irish pride costume contest

You can also offer live band karaoke or a photo booth with props. If you’re looking for something more passive, consider “guess how many coins are in the pot of gold” or similar guessing games. You can never go wrong with a simple raffle—all you need is a roll of green raffle tickets and a prize worth winning. 

Magnificent Menu Offerings

If your establishment offers food, don’t forget to mix up the menu for St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, if guests are eating, you’ll want to look into table and chair rental in Chicago, so every guest has a place to sit while they dig into your festive fare. 

A simple St. Patrick’s Day menu might include the following:

  • French fries
  • Beer-battered onion rings
  • Corned beef and cabbage
  • Guinness beef sliders
  • Irish stew 
  • Savory pies

For a sweet treat, many bars and restaurants offer a variation of shamrock shakes in both boozy and liquor-free varieties. Consider offering traditional Irish soda bread, Whoopie pies, bread pudding, or Bailey’s cheesecake for dessert. 

Throw Your Best St. Patrick’s Day Party Ever

Everyone has been to a St. Patrick’s Day party in a dim pub. Stand out by bringing the festivities outdoors and give your raucous guests a view of the brilliant green Chicago river. Sometimes the best St. Patrick’s Day Pary ideas involve a change of scenery.  

It’s never too early to begin your St. Patrick’s Day party planning, and Indestructo Party Rental is ready to help. We offer tent rentals, table, and chair rental, and even dance floor rental in Chicago and the surrounding area. Reach out today for a quote so you can focus on those St. Patrick’s Day party decorations and leave the rest to us! 

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