How Do I Choose the Best Wedding Tent Rental Company for My Big Day?

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According to a Martha Stewart survey, people spend between 200 and 300 hours planning their wedding. So weddings can be significant events, and the bill can run high.

Because of this, you want to ensure you’re planning everything correctly, so there are no surprises on the day. One of the wedding planning tasks a bridal couple has to decide on is the venue, and not all venues are made the same.

For this reason, many couples decide on an outdoor wedding under a tent. If this sounds like something you’d consider for your wedding, keep reading as we guide you in choosing the right wedding tent company.

When to Consider a Wedding Tent

So when do you consider a tent for your wedding? You would consider a wedding tent for several reasons, namely:

  1. An Outdoor Wedding: Arguably, the most common reason for using a wedding tent is when you have an outdoor wedding
  2. Protection From the Elements: Even if there is no rain, your guests will still need to shelter from the wind or the hot sun
  3. A Weather Backup: Even if your wedding is planned for the middle of summer, there is always a chance of rain and having a wedding tent as a backup shelter can ultimately save your day

Wedding tents are not just for the summer; some types of tents can be used in lousy weather because you can get tents that stretch almost to the ground. This helps block out unwanted weather conditions. Wedding tents can also be heated quite quickly, creating a cozy, warm atmosphere for your guests.

If you’re having a summer wedding with no bad weather, a wedding tent is still a good investment for your day because your vendors and catering will need to be under shelter from the harsh elements (sun, wind, etc.).

Finally, if you envision your reception in a beautiful wedding tent draped in fairy lights and rows of tables, it’s perfectly acceptable to rent a tent for your wedding. You can ignore anyone else.

What to Ask Your Wedding Tent Rental Company

To get the best wedding tent for your needs, you want to ensure no surprises on the day. So, having a list of questions ready to ask any potential wedding tent rental company is a wise move. Ten good questions we recommend asking are:

1. What Tent Size Should I Get?

If you don’t know what size wedding tent you should hire, asking the tent vendors can give you a lot of insight. Remember, these vendors have rented many tents to many bridal couples, so they should have an accurate idea of what tent size you need per your guest list.

2. How Experienced Is Your Tent Vendor?

Knowing how long the company has been in business is critical for deciding whether you want to hire them. New companies may still have teething problems but can often have the latest in tent technology. Conversely, companies with something like 20 years of experience may be slightly more expensive and may not have new-generation tents available.

You can also ask your wedding tent rental company if they have any credentials or references they can offer you.

3. How Old Is the Tent Material?

An essential question is how old is the wedding tent material. If the supplier hasn’t adequately maintained their tents, they could be of questionable quality when you hire them. Also, ask how often they’re inspected and whether they have any inspection certificates they can show you.

4. How Accessible Is the Terrain Once the Tent Is Pitched?

If your tent company is helping with the venue, you need to ask them about the terrain on which the wedding tent will be pitched. For example, is there little-to-no room around the outside of the tent once up, or is there space for guests to utilize when outside the tent? If you need electricity, you need to ask if this is accessible as well.

5. How Accessible Is the Wedding Tent?

If you have any guests in wheelchairs, you may also want to ask your wedding tent rental company how accessible the tent will be. In addition, you may need to work with your tent vendor to organize a tent placement that can accommodate people with disabilities.

6. Do You Need Permits?

If you’re having your wedding in a public area, you may need permission or permits from the city to erect a wedding tent. You can ask the tent vendor if they can assist with getting the proper permissions for your wedding tent reception to continue with no hiccups.

7. Is the Tent Company Adequately Insured?

Renting a tent comes with certain risks; however, thankfully, these are rare. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask your tent vendor about their insurance policies. On the contrary, you want to ask if their employees are insured while constructing or deconstructing the tent and during the event.

It’s also wise to ask them if there is any extra insurance you need to take out before your garden wedding.

8. How Is the Tent Secured?

An essential question you don’t want to skip is asking how the tent is secured. If the company doesn’t have a solid answer, it’s a red flag, and you should seek another tent hire vendor.

9. How Is the Tent Assembled and Dismantled?

Knowing how much time it will take to assemble and disassemble will allow you to know how much time you need to set up or break down. A good quality wedding tent company will have an accurate idea of how long these activities will take.

10. How Is the Tent Delivered?

Finally, you want to know how the wedding tent will be delivered. Are you expected to hire people to erect the tent for you, or does the company provide a set-up service on delivery?

Have a Magical Wedding Under a Tent

Planning an outdoor wedding can be a rewarding theme for the festivities. Adding fairy lights and candles can be a great way to add a magical atmosphere to your reception. Take time to find the best wedding tent company to ensure your wedding can go off without a hitch.

If you’re looking for excellent wedding tents, contact us today, and we can see how we can help you plan your special day. We service the following areas, so get in touch: Park Ridge, IL; Arlington Heights, IL; Mount Prospect, IL Glenview, IL Wilmette, IL Winnetka, IL; Lake Forest, IL Libertyville, IL; Glen Ellyn, IL Elmhurst, IL Hinsdale, IL Oakbrook, IL Barrington, IL Des Plaines, IL Lake Bluff, IL.

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