6 Wonderful Winter Party Themes

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A winter party theme is about creating a setting as beautiful as a fresh snowfall and as warm as a cozy fireplace. The exact nature of that setting—and the menu and all those wonderful event details—are different for every event, but these winter party themes and ideas can kickstart planning the perfect winter event.

6 Wonderful Winter Party Themes 1

Winter Wonderland

This classic winter party theme can be carried out with bright modern décor and dramatic lighting or with a neutral décor that feels like a fresh Windy City snow. The winter party ideas for this theme are endless: crystals, snowflakes, white branches, candles, uplighting, projected lighting with snowflakes, trees, “let it snow” letters and signage, “snow”-covered tables. The theme can extend desserts too, such as candies or baked desserts with snowflake decoration.

Traditional Winter

A traditional winter party theme is an opportunity to recreate an urban Chicago winter or a country scene from years ago. This winter event theme lends itself to incorporating decor that bring guests back to an old-world skating rink, snow-covered city sidewalk, or a country scene with sled and sleigh bells. The menu should contribute to the atmosphere, giving guests a full-sensory experience that takes them back to a different time.

Cozy Log Cabin

A cozy log cabin winter party theme comes with so many different winter event ideas. This event theme lends itself to a hearty menu, rustic décor, and all the touches that transport guests a cabin in the mountains (or up north). This cozy atmosphere should be an all-encompassing experience with fresh scents, stockings, a hearty family-style meal, and a warm fire.

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North Pole

This holiday theme transports guests to north with a whimsical winter scene. There are numerous opportunities for entertainment, such as elves, carolers, and all the characters guests love from the North Pole. This winter party theme also is an opportunity for interactive tables and food stations, keeping guests feeling like they are trekking through Santa’s village.

Tropical Holiday

A tropical holiday transports guests to a winter scene with sand and palm trees. The possibilities for this holiday theme are many, such as tropical drinks, a menu straight from the beach, and all the décor that makes guests feel like they just stepped off a jet. If space is an issue, or the event planner wants guests to feel totally encompassed in the sun and sand, planners should consider renting a climate-controlled tent for guests.

Snowflake Ball

This winter party theme is akin to a masquerade ball, but with a decidedly seasonal flair (and an endless list of winter party ideas and recommendations). A snowflake ball is a formal event with décor suitable for the occasion. This winter event isn’t complete without a formal table setting with elegant table linens, sophisticated centerpieces, and a menu fit for a ball.

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