6 Amazing Corporate Holiday Party Themes & Ideas

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A holiday event can be more than just a party with the right corporate holiday party theme. A theme gives event planners direction so they can choose and coordinate every detail into a memorable event guests talk about well after the party is done.

All of these corporate holiday party theme ideas are perfect for businesses who need to transform a non-event space or for a venue already set up for events. With this list of corporate holiday party ideas and inspiration from an event professional, a holiday theme can quickly turn into a wonderful and entertaining holiday affair.

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Winter Wonderland

A seasonal corporate holiday party theme is an opportunity to highlight guests’ favorite parts of the season. This also makes this a versatile holiday party theme, with custom details that make each holiday event unique. A winter wonderland event can be a formal affair with dramatic uplighting and rich, colorful-themed décor or a party with a neutral décor and lighting that highlights the glistening that reminds guests of a fresh snowfall.  

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Traditional Holiday

The traditional holiday fits the vision of a family holiday together. This corporate holiday theme can draw from a favorite winter vacation (i.e. to a ski lodge or cabin) or bring together the details of a traditional family holiday around a cozy fireplace. The interpretation is entirely up to the planner and can be adapted to meet the expectations of guest list.

A traditional holiday corporate theme should be filled with details that make guests feel like they are coming in from a cold Chicago winter. This could executed with warm-toned event décor (including table linens and chairs), interactive food stations or a family style meal, and all the details that transport guests back to a simple and cozy holiday celebration.

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Holiday Beach

This unique corporate holiday party idea is a whimsical event that transports guests to a warmer destination. The sky is the limit with this holiday event theme, making it a fun choice for event planners. A holiday beach theme should start with tropical-themed décor and extend to cocktails and an event menu that make guests feel like they are relaxing on the beach.

For the “holiday” part of this one-of-a-kind event atmosphere, event planners should consider string lighting and creative holiday décor. Holiday event planners can complete the atmosphere with tropical background music or live entertainers that guests would expect to see on a tropical getaway.

Christmas Movie

This corporate holiday theme is a nod to everyone’s favorite once-a-year holiday entertainment: the movies. A Christmas movie theme can be focused on a particular favorite or be a diverse affair with tables centered around a holiday cinema favorite.

The big screen theme isn’t complete without projectors and screens, unique décor straight from the movie, and a unique menu. For a cinematic theme, event planners can offer the traditional popcorn and drink of a movie theater or plan a more traditional menu with entertaining touches straight from the selected holiday movie.

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Holiday Ball

A holiday masquerade ball should include dramatic touches befitting of this formal corporate holiday theme. From the moment guests step in the door, every part of this corporate holiday event should feel rich and theatrical.

Holiday ball ideas are open to interpretation, but should start with dramatic entrance that makes a fantastic first impression. The details should continue with décor and linens that fit just as well into a theatre as into the event venue. A holiday masquerade ball should include cocktail tables that allow for extensive mingling and networking, with sit-down tables filled with extravagant touches and a menu suitable for a formal affair.

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Santa’s Workshop

This imaginative corporate holiday theme is filled with details that complete the childhood picture of the North Pole. Whether the guest list is young or young-at-heart, this full-sensory theme should deliver all the sights and sounds of Santa’s workshop.

There are many holiday party ideas that play into this entertaining atmosphere: décor and linens in traditional holiday colors, interactive stations (for food and activities), and entertainment that feels like it flew in straight from the North Pole. The highlight should be Santa himself, and his area should be nothing less than all-out rendition of his northern home.

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