Illuminating the Benefits of Par Lighting for Your Event

par lighting

Lighting makes all the difference at an event. Stage directors and movie producers have understood this for decades. They use lights and shadows to create effects that lead you to love and hate certain characters. 

If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars to throw an event, make sure you don’t leave your guests hanging in the shadows because you wouldn’t spend money on adequate lighting. 

Par lighting can solve your lighting problems. A parabolic aluminum reflector or par can will light up the stage and give your party that perfect ambiance. 

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you will understand why par lighting is the event lighting you need. 

What Is Par Lighting?

The “par” in par lighting stands for parabolic aluminized reflector. Par lights are lights that fit in a spotlight or a can light. Initially, auto engineers used par lamps for the headlights on vehicles. 

A PAR can is the can that holds the PAR lamps. The can will be in a variety of places. You can find them in the ceiling where you have recessed lights or in your car headlamps. 

More importantly, you can find par lighting flooding the stage or filling the space of a tent rental at fancy events. 

The simplicity of the par lamp makes them a desirable choice of lighting. They cost and weigh very little. You can switch them to different power or beam when you need a different light application. 

Because PAR lamps weigh little, they travel well. Thus you can find them with bands and other traveling performance groups that need to pick up their set and go on the road. Additionally, because they cost little, you can find them everywhere from clubs to theaters to churches as well as galleries, studios, auditoriums, and convention centers. 

Plus, you do not sacrifice the quality of your light when you choose to use par lighting. You can illuminate an entire event or a single person because of the PAR light’s versatility.

Full Color vs. Warm White

LED PAR lights have become a common choice in tent events, especially weddings. With an LED PAR light, you have two types: a full-color light that changes colors and a warm white light that will emit just a warm white light. 

The full color works well to create an atmosphere at the event and to change the atmosphere. The white light works well as stage surface light, illuminating a stage and the individuals on it. 

Stage Surface Light

If you have a somewhat dark event, you can use the PAR light to light up the stage. The beams themselves are clear, allowing for big reveals and explosive openings. The PAR lights also work well with photographers who want to take pictures. 

The PAR light will illuminate the stage and reduce shadows that could cause sub-par event pictures. As you set the scene for a reveal such as when a bride and groom enter, you can illuminate the party coming in. Such a change of light along with the right music creates the perfect atmosphere and effect. 

Thus, if you’re looking for a great wedding light, use a white PAR light. 

Stage Dying Light

When you want to create ambiance on stage, then use the colored LED par light. It can create a stage dyeing effect that creates whatever atmosphere you want. If you want a warm feeling with rich colors, you can do that. 

If you want a cooler feel, you can tone down the colors. 

Ultimately, the colors you use will determine the atmosphere and the mood of your guests. Guests will feel welcome in a well-lit tent with warm light and the right music. Furthermore, the right light affects your guests psychologically. 

Wedding Lighting

If you’re looking for the best wedding lighting at an outdoor event, LED Par lights make sense. They act as stage dying lights as well as stage surface lights. With that said, your wedding coordinator and planner should pay close attention to the lighting design to make sure that it syncs with the themes you’d like. 

It would be easy to simply pursue more light. But is that the feeling that you’re going for with your wedding? Look at how the par lights work with the LED lamp beads. Use the PAR can light purposefully and not just liberally. 

Broad Reach

The best part about a par light is its reach. The par light can reach every corner of a space and not just a single post. This is why many people will use it as a full stage light and not just a spotlight. 

Look at having PAR lights strategically on your dance floor. Don’t just assume you’ll have a blinding white light. You can create an ambient light wash with different tones of warm white to keep your guests focused on the main attractions at your event. 

Best of all, LED Par lights are energy efficient. LEDs in general use far less energy than their incandescent counterparts. You will be using less energy to create the same amount of light for your event. 

Light Up, Enjoy The Night

You will enjoy your event most when you have the right ambiance and mood, and when you can see the people and things at the event. The right lighting will provide you with just this experience. PAR lighting can light up an entire stage or just a single spotlight area. 

PAR lighting also can create a warm ambiance that sets the mood and puts your guests at ease. 

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