Tent Rentals: Beautiful Decorating Ideas for Your Next Party

tent rentals

Tent rentals might seem basic, but with a little work on the inside, your party is sure to be a hit. There’s no denying that parties bring out the crazy in some people. “It’s the alcohol!” they say, but we think there’s another reason for this bad behavior, and it’s called white room torture.

What is it? Well, it’s a real room that’s white from top to bottom, where prisoners are kept and devoid of all sensory pleasure.

You’d be forgiven in thinking that it’s madness, that a white room can’t possibly turn a normal adult into a blubbering mess. But we’re here to tell you otherwise.

So for the sake of you and your guests, it’s time to take your tent decorating up a notch.

Tent Lighting Ideas

Not only do you need light to brighten up a space, but it’s the key to creating mood and ambiance in a tent rental. Use paper lanterns to add some rustic charm to a casual setting or maybe some Morrocan themed lanterns for an exotic vibe. They also make great mood lighting for a dance floor rental and above the dining areas.

To help your guests navigate through your tent, why not add in some neon signage? There’s a reason they’re trending at the moment and not just to tell everyone where the selfie station is. Neon lights can add a personal touch to the decor and is ideal for showcasing your event name or maybe a personal quote.

A classic but simple lighting favorite are fairy lights that will add a bit of sparkle to any tent. Drape them across the tent ceiling or hang them on the walls, you can’t go wrong with them.

Need something a little more fancy? Then a chandelier is the ultimate centerpiece for your tent party. It instantly adds glamour and sparkle to any special event such as a wedding or a black-tie event.

Don’t limit yourself to just the classic chandelier, as there’s so much more out there like those gorgeous floral chandeliers.

Decorate the Tent Poles

What about those unsightly tent poles? While it might not be possible to remove them, you can dress them up any way you like.

Colorful ribbons are a traditional way of adding some color to the poles that’s also economical. Stick with one color or a couple that matches the event’s theme and wrap away.

Got a big budget to blow? Then you can turn those poles into living organisms by adding trees or shrubs from top to bottom.

There’s nothing that hides the sight of an ugly pole like some greenery. Your guests won’t even realize that there’s a pole and it makes for a great selfie backdrop.

If you’re an unlucky sufferer of hayfever then you can always go for tissue paper flowers. They’ll add a playful look to the interior and you’ll be able to get them in a variety of colors to suit your theme.

Draping Colorful Fabrics

Looking for the wow factor in your tent interior? Then nothing beats drapery. Tent frame ceilings often need a helping hand and this is where you can really go to town with the decor.

Draping fabric from the center of the tent will give you plenty of drama and glamour. All you need to do is to sprinkle in some fairy lights to really light up the ceiling.

Fabric drapes also make great soft dividers for large tents. Sheer fabric panels are ideal for this and add a soft look to any tent interior. You add privacy to VIP areas or gather them up for drapery doorways to lead your guests into different parts of the tent.

If you want to let in plenty of light for a daytime event without sacrificing the drapery, then why not do a maypole-style draped ceiling? Choose a contrasting color to add some excitement, making sure to leave a gap between each panel. It’s both pretty and simple to do.

Furniture Rental

An event wouldn’t be complete without the perfect furniture to match the party theme. But buying furnishings can be costly and difficult to store and transport.

One of the easiest ways to get around this problem is through Indestructo’s table and chair rental service. You can choose from a large catalog of furniture to suit your theme, and you won’t need to worry about lifting a finger. The delivery, setup, and removal are all done for you.

Make the Entrance Pop

Catch everyone’s attention with an eye-catching display at the entrance. A beautiful floral archway is one of the most popular ways to adorn the tent entrance. So if you’re looking to go all out, you’d better have your florist’s number on speed dial.

For something more low-key but just as beautiful, use drapery. Tying back extra panels of fabric at the tent doorway will give you a grand entrance that’s fit for a Mongol king.

Whether you choose to use fabric that’s the same color as the tent or a contrasting color, both will work just as well when making a draped doorway.

Do you have a pathway leading up to the entryway? If so, then try lighting up either side of the path with small floor lamps or candles. Then finish off with two large floor lamps to make your entrance truly glow.

Are Tent Rentals for All Events?

Absolutely! Whether you’re planning a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate gathering, tent rentals are suitable for all types of events. Some things you’ll need to think about before booking your tent rental, are the location, the weather, and the amount of space you will need.

Do you plan on setting up the tent rental as an over-flow area at a specific venue? Then be sure to check whether tents are allowed on the grassy areas, as they may not allow it.

If you’re looking for a top Chicago tent rentals company but don’t know where to start, then contact us at Indestructo Party Rental. Our friendly team is always on hand to help take you through all the details when planning an outdoor party.

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