Do I Need a Dance Floor at My Wedding? (Yes, Here’s Why)

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Every year, more than 27,000 couples get married in the Chicago area alone. For each couple, this is a unique and wonderful day spent celebrating their relationship with friends and family.

However, a lot of planning goes into making the day a success. In fact, with most engagements lasting between ten and eighteen months, couples have a lot of time for wedding planning.

Finding a venue for your wedding is one of the big jobs that you should tick off your planning list as soon as possible. Hiring a tent for your wedding gives you the freedom to host it somewhere that is truly special to you. But it’s also important to think about what you need inside your wedding tent to make the day extra special.

This is where dance floor rental comes in. So do you need help from a dance floor rental company? Absolutely — read on to find out why!

Your Dance Floor Helps to Structure Your Venue

When it comes to event planning, finding a venue isn’t the only thing you need to think about. You also need to keep the layout of this venue in mind. 

This will help you find the best structure for your table and chair rentals so that your guests all have a great view. The layout of your room will decide the focus of your wedding at different moments. 

Having a dance floor will help to make the room feel like more than a grand dining room. You can use this to structure your table plan. Or if you want your wedding to move throughout your venue then it’s worth looking up ‘outdoor dance floor rental near me’. 

It’s Perfect for Dancing — Obviously!

Of course, the main use of a dance floor is to get your guests up and moving. It also gives you the perfect place to take to the floor as newlyweds for your first dance. And without this, your tent rental could be somewhat lacking! 

However, it is important to acknowledge that not all of your guests will want to dance for the entire evening. Without an area for dancing, it could take over the entire room and this might leave some guests feeling uncomfortable.

So creating a space for dancing and a seating area is important. This means that you can cater to all of your guests’ comfort.

If you want to create a more restful seating area for the evening section of the day, it is worth checking out ‘table and chair rental near me’ for inspiration. 

Dance Floors Look Great in Photos

From the moment that you look up ‘tent rentals near me’ to the moment you step foot in your venue on the big day, you will spend a lot of time thinking about the aesthetic of your wedding.

Of course, this is to create the day that you have been dreaming of. But you also want this to be captured in all its glory by your photographer. This will give you something to look back at in the years to come. 

When it comes to wedding photography, a dancefloor looks stunning. The structure that it gives your venue, allows your photographer to work out the perfect photographic angles. So they can easily capture every special moment throughout the day.

For example, during your first dance, your guests will naturally gather around the edges of the dancefloor. This looks much better than them remaining seated and makes for stunning photo composition.

Deciding the Size of Your Dance Floor Rental

Once you have decided on hiring a dance floor for your wedding, it is important to find the right size of floor for your special day. This depends a lot on two things: the size of your venue and the number of guests you invite. 

The size of your venue might dictate the best shape for your dance floor. A lot of rental companies will be able to provide a variety of dance floor shapes and sizes to suit your needs. 

Of course, not every single guest you invite will be on the dancefloor at the same time. So your dancefloor actually needs to cater to around a third of the number of guests you are inviting. That way it won’t end up looking too big or empty once the dancing starts. 

Here is a list of the approximate size of dance floor that you will need based on the total number of people you are inviting: 

  • For 60 guests you will need a 100 square foot dance floor
  • For 100 guests you will need a 144 square foot dance floor
  • For 150 guests you will need a 225 square foot dance floor
  • For 200 guests you will need a 324 square foot dance floor
  • For 275 guests you will need a 400 square foot dance floor
  • For 400 guests you will need a 625 square foot dance floor
  • For 600 guests you will need a 900 square foot dance floor
  • For 1,000 guests you will need a 1,600 square foot dance floor
  • For 1,500 guests you will need a 2,500 square foot dance floor

Of course, this means that if you are hosting a large number of guests you will need to rent a marquee that can accommodate a dance floor to fit them all!

Get Help From a Dance Floor Rental Service Today

As you can see, if you are planning on using a Chicago tent rental for your special day you also need to look into dance floor rental. This will help to transform your marquee into a spectacular wedding venue that you’ll remember for years to come! 

So what are you waiting for? There’s no need to start Googling ‘dance floor rental near me’. Get in touch today to find out more about dance floor rental in Chicago and table and chair rental in Chicago — we’re happy to help!

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