Dancing the Night Away: 8 Benefits of a Dance Floor Rental for Your Next Event

dance floor rental

Think about the best outdoor party you’ve ever attended. What comes to mind first? I’m willing to bet that it wasn’t the small talk or the table linens.

Most of us revisit a technicolor memory of dancing with good friends in a beautiful place. With a dance floor rental from Indestructo, you can create a memorable celebration that no one will soon forget. You provide the people, and we’ll provide the dance floor.

Are you interested in renting a dance floor for your next outdoor party? Read on to learn all about the best outdoor dance floor rental near me in Chicago.

1. Bring the Party to You

When you rent a dance floor for an event, you can host that event wherever you like. This adds an incredible level of versatility and can even save you money.

Combine the location of your choice with a Chicago tent rental, and you will have protection from the elements while enjoying a phenomenal view.

In fact, Indestructo Party Rental can provide you with more than a dance floor rental. They offer table and chair rental and tent rental, too. If you are seeking tent rentals near me in Chicago, Indestructo will take care of everything. 

2. Music Under the Stars

Not only can the dance floor appear whenever you please, but it can also appear whenever you please. Imagine dancing under the stars all night long. The night sky and alfresco atmosphere can add a beautiful ambiance to any event.

A dance floor rental in Chicago means that fireflies might crash the party. While many people like those pretty little party crashers, you might consider a tent rental near me in Chicago. Keep the dancing inside and watch those fireflies through the windows.

3. Keep Guests Busy

Renting a dance floor provides your guests with something to do. When they see a dance floor, they won’t need any further instruction. All you need is a way to play music, and every party-goer will understand what to do.

Dancing is a great way to keep guests entertained without needing to facilitate activities minute to minute. If your guests tire themselves out, consider a table and chair rental in Chicago, also from Indestructo. That will provide the versatility you need to keep everyone happy.

4. Define the Space

A dance floor is a great way to define your party space. Because guests know that a dance floor is for dancing, it will provide a significant visual clue about the right places to sit, stand, and gather.

Including a dance floor ensures that there will always be room for dancing when the time is right and that you won’t need to move furniture or fight for space.

Another great way to define the space is with a table and chair rental near me in Chicago. A clearly defined seating area is helpful, especially if you serve food at your big bash. It will help bring a flow to your venue, even if the venue is a tent.

5. Less Work for You

When you rent an outdoor dance floor from Indestructo Party Rentals, they will take care of everything.

Once you provide the location and layout, Indestructo will install the dance floor wherever you like. The expert installers will consult with you about the best place to install the dance floor to ensure the most effective flow within the space. 

One of the benefits of renting a dance floor is that you don’t need to put it away when the night is over. The Indestructo team will come to collect everything when the rental is up.

If you love an easy solution, you’ll love Indestructo tent rentals near me in Chicago. At the end of the night, the entire venue will disappear like magic.

6. A Size for Every Space

Dance floor rentals come in a variety of sizes. Even if you are working in a compact space, a dance floor will fit perfectly. It’s an excellent way to make larger areas seem more intimate, too. 

Raised wooden dance floors are a great option if your party is being held on uneven ground. Guard rails and protective floor coverings are also available if you should need them. 

If you rent a tent, Indestructo Party Rental can even provide flooring for the entire structure. This adds a polished, indoor look to any space. 

7. Think of the Photo Ops

When there’s a dance floor, there’s dancing. And when there’s dancing, memories are sure to follow.

Rather than documenting your event with photos of people sitting and chatting, a dance floor provides opportunities for dynamic action shots. You will have photographic evidence of all of the fun that your guests had dancing the night away at your big event.

You can’t take great photos in the dark. Luckily, Indestructo Party Rental also rents out lights for your tent or event. Not only are lights functional, but they can also set the mood and inspire your guests to get their groove on! 

Even an entirely outdoor event, sans tent, can be lit. Consider adding cafe string lights and landscape lights to amp up the ambiance. 

8. Safety First 

If you’re hosting an outdoor party, safety should always be a consideration. There’s nothing worse than an abrupt end to the fun because a dancer fell. Outdoor venues come with rocks, roots, and all sorts of obstacles that pose challenges.

When you rent a dance floor from Indestructo Party rental, you will be doing your best to keep your guests safe. This is especially important if your event is formal and guests may be in heels. If guests are also drinking, it can be easy to take a tumble and bring the party down with them.

A flat, level surface will keep everyone upright and enjoying the night. 

Get Your Groove on With a Dance Floor Rental

Whether you’re seeking safety, simplicity, or fun, a dance floor rental is the way to go. It will help to define any party space and keep everyone moving all night long. Your guests will be talking about your incredible dance party for years to come.

Are you wondering how to rent a dance floor for your next party? Reach out to Indestructo Party Rental in Chicago. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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