How do you decorate the inside of a wedding tent?

chiavari chair rentals at tented event with table linens and tables

Your outdoor wedding tent can be just as beautiful as any indoor wedding venue. Fortunately, there are many ways to dress up a wedding tent and make it as beautiful and as unique as the newlyweds. A wedding tent can be an elegant affair with upscale decor, filled with natural elements that mirror the beautiful scenery outside, or colorful and festive.

paper lanterns at outdoor wedding

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are a wonderful way to add atmosphere and style to a wedding tent. This wedding tent décor idea can include string lights that add a rustic flair or paper lanterns that can serve as an elegant or festive touch. For a more upscale touch, chandeliers add to an elegant atmosphere and can easily be added to décor by contacting a wedding tent company.

In addition to hanging lighting, some wedding rental companies offer outdoor lighting that make it easy for guests to enjoy the comfort of the tent and the outdoor setting. Outdoor lights can also be used to create an entrance or highlight natural features as guests mingle outdoors.

wedding tent with elegant table linens and floral centerpieces


Centerpieces are one of the easiest ways to add interest and create atmosphere in a wedding tent. Floral formal centerpieces are a beautiful part of an elegant wedding. Natural greenery is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in (as well as a clear tent). Lighted centerpieces add ambiance and can be seamlessly coordinated in with other wedding tent décor.

wedding tent with dramatic lighting


Uplighting is a beautiful way to decorate a wedding tent, and can be customized to the occasion. Couples can choose a colored uplighting that adds to the atmosphere, or put custom shapes or patterns on to the ceiling—including the couple’s names.

tent wedding with natural decor


Greenery is one of the most versatile pieces of wedding décor. Topiaries can add an elegant touch or whimsy to a garden wedding. Natural elements bring the outdoors in, and create a seamless transition as guests enter the wedding tent. The right greenery can also be a wonderful rustic wedding idea, adding a touch of interest to a neutral décor.

How do you decorate the inside of a wedding tent? 1

Table Linens

Linens sets the scene and creates a favorable first impression. Neutral linens are the foundation of an elegant or rustic wedding. Colorful table linens are an integral part of a theme, holiday, or festive wedding. A patterned table linen can become a focal point, especially when accented with other details that blend seamlessly.

In addition to linens, tables can also create a powerful first impression and set the stage for an elegant, rustic, or casual wedding. Family seating with long tables creates an intimate atmosphere where guests can dine and socialize together. Round tables are an elegant part of a theme or formal affair.

How do you decorate the inside of a wedding tent? 2


In addition to function, seating can also be a fashionable part of a wedding. Higher back chairs are an essential part of an elegant affair, while wooden chairs are a natural part of a rustic or outdoor wedding. A more casual wedding demands yard games and a picnic setting, with seating to match.

In addition to chairs, furniture can also be a wonderful part of wedding tent décor. Furniture provide lounge areas for mingling and can be a beautiful way to decorate a wedding tent. Because this wedding trend is becoming more common, it’s easier than ever to rent these items from a tent rental company and add them to a wedding tent décor and layout.

tent wedding with chandeliers and string lights


These wedding tent decorations add drama to a wedding ceremony and reception. Draperies can be hung with lighting, such as with chandeliers. They can also be used in entryways to give guests a peak at the atmosphere that is to come. The color and weight of the draperies can be as important as the placement; lighter-colored draperies can be a beautiful part of a neutral wedding tent décor, while darker-colored draperies create a more dramatic atmosphere.

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