5 Frequently Asked Questions about Tent Rentals

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Renting a tent comes with a vision of a beautiful Chicago summer party and beautiful weather; in reality, tent rentals are more versatile than most people realize. These structures add valuable space to any business or event, and are suitable for events held on cool (or cold) Illinois days and evenings, or when the weather is rainy.

Can a tent be installed over a hard surface?

Yes! Tents can be installed over patios, driveways, and other hard surfaces. For best results, event planners should have the address, an estimated size of the area available for the tent, and a suitable location of the tent when contacting a tent rental company.

Do tents damage lawns?

There are a variety of tent rentals available, such as a frame tent, high peak tent, and marquee tent. Many tents can be staked to incur minimal or no damage to the surface. An event rental specialist can also help with selecting the right tent for the occasion.

Can you rent a tent during the fall and spring?

Yes! Many businesses rent tents for additional space during the fall, spring, and even winter. There are many ways to keep guests comfortable during uncomfortable Illinois weather—like when it’s really cold! During these seasons, the following rentals are available to warm up the space:

  • Tent sidewalls and doors. These dividers and barriers can keep out the cool winds on a cold Illinois winter, spring, or fall day. For event planners who want to bring the outdoors in, tents are available with clear sidewalls for optimal lighting.
  • Heaters. This surprising tent feature is a great option for events when the temperatures dip. Climate control systems keep tents at a comfortable temperature for guests. They are also discreet, ensuring that there is enough room for circulation and that the system does not interfere with décor.
  • Heated walkways. Smaller tents can be used to transition between spaces and can be heated for guest comfort. These tents can be used as entrances or hallways, and can keep minimize heat loss from the tent and warm guests as they enter and circulate.

When the event day is rainy, tents can be rented with a hard tent floor that keeps guests comfortable and doesn’t damage anyone’s shoes. An event planning professional can help with rentals for days with a high chance of bad weather.

Is there a way to cool a tent?

Illinois weather can be really cold and incredibly hot and humid. When the weather is the latter, tent parties and events can be cooled down with fans and air conditioning. The air conditioning system with a tent is cool and discreet, allowing for unencumbered space that can be used for seating, décor, and other functions.

Are there ways to bring the feel of the outdoors into the tent?

When event planners want the feel of the outdoors and a comfortable space for an event, it is possible to bring the feel of the outdoors into the tent. This can be accomplished by choosing a clear tent, tent with clear sidewalls, and/or décor that brings the outdoors in.

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