BIG Birthday Party Planning Checklist (that Guarantees BIG Fun!)

clear tent by pool ready for birthday party

Planning a BIG birthday party can feel like a BIG job; this birthday party planning checklist breaks that BIG list into easy, actionable tasks. Best yet, this checklist compiled by event planning pros results in a party that makes Chicagoland proud (as well as the guest of honor!)

Pre-Party Planning

___ Choose a date and venue (if extra space is needed, consider renting a tent)

___ Set a guest list and party budget

___ Choose a theme

___ Order invitations

___ Send out invitations

___ Plan the menu (by hiring a caterer or planning for a DIY meal)

___ Order the birthday cake and flowers

___ Hire bartenders (if needed)

___ Rent equipment

___ Tent (with AC or heat if the weather is questionable)

___ Lighting

___ Tables and chairs

___ Table linens

___ Table ware

___ Projector screen and microphone (for a presentation)

___ Stage and dance floor

___ Food service dishes

___ Create presentation about the birthday guest

___ Finalize décor (i.e. centerpieces, wall décor, etc.)

___ Book entertainment (i.e. band, children’s entertainer, etc.)

___ Purchase party favors (assemble if needed)

___ Write out shopping list (i.e. food, décor, candles, etc.)

Party Day Set-Up (on the day of or days before)

___ Clean birthday party room

___ Set up party equipment (or confirm the time with the party equipment rental company)

___ Prepare food (or verify the time with the caterer)

___ Put up décor

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