4 Cozy Tips for a Warm Winter Party


Winter in Chicago is cold, but that doesn’t mean guests at a winter party need to be. It only takes planning and a few rentals to make a winter event a cozy and enjoyable event—without any thought of the cold winter weather outside.

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Heat up the event space (and keep it warm).

Any event space (at an indoor venue or tent) requires a consistent heat before and during the event. Guests notice when the heat is turned on moments before the start of the event. For optimal guest comfort, event hosts should turn the furnace on well before the event.

When indoor space is short, tents add valuable additional space. Tent heaters come in discrete climate-controlled units that are positioned outside the tent (for discretion) or smaller units that are kept in the tent. Regardless of the type of unit, the heat should be turned on right after installation. The space should be kept at 35 degrees or warmer until the day of the winter party. On the day of the event, the heat should be raised hours before the guests arrive.

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Don’t make guests walk outside (not even for a little while).

When the Chicago weather can be best described as frigid, one of the easiest ways to keep guests comfortable is to keep them in a warm venue for the entire event. This can be done with tented walkways leading to and connecting winter party spaces. For example, if the building or parking lot is a short distance from the tented area, the two spaces should be connected with covered walkways that keep guests warm. In addition to covered walkways, winter party planners can also keep guests warm with tent doors that seal in the heat and proper snow removal around the entrance.

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Make guests feel warm and cozy.

When the goal is to make guests feel warm, several event details create a cozy ambiance and feel. The ambiance starts at the door with a warm welcome and continues with hot trays of food, interactive stations, fireplace, and warm lighting. For the latter, warm up lighting and mood lighting can establish a warm party atmosphere that can make guests feel like they are stepping in from the cold.

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Seal out the cold.

At a tented winter party, one of the most essential ways to keep guests comfortable is to keep the cold out on all sides. An elevated floor keeps guests off the cold ground. Carpeting can add a warm and luxurious touch. For a winter party with a musical main stage act, a dance floor can keep guests moving and comfortable.

Tent sidewalls also seal out the frigid air and should be secured on the top and bottom. If the winter event is at a scenic venue, sidewalls with a view can give guests a clear picture of the winter wonderland around them.

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