Your Ultimate Guide to a Wedding Dance Floor Rental

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If you can’t wait to hit the dance floor with a group of your closest wedding guests, read through this list of frequently asked questions about wedding dance floor rentals.

Your Ultimate Guide to a Wedding Dance Floor Rental 1
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What options are there for wedding dance floor rental? Are there dance floor rentals for tents?

Wedding dance floors are a detail that enhance indoor and outdoor weddings. In an indoor wedding, these floors can be a great way to highlight the party space or a way to add a dance floor in a unique venue. At an outdoor wedding, a dance floor rental sets the space apart and protects the turf.

Dance floors are a beautiful addition to an outside wedding reception under the stars or in a tent for added protection. Wedding dance floors typically come with beveled edges for a finished look that complements décor.

Your Ultimate Guide to a Wedding Dance Floor Rental 2
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Do I need a subfloor under my rental dance floor?

In many cases, a subfloor is a necessary addition to a dance floor rental. A subfloor protects a pristine lawn and levels the dance floor for guests. This measure provides a firm surface for guests, and can even be built up to accommodate areas with a slope.

Both venues and guests appreciate a subfloor, especially when the lawn is wet (i.e. after a rainstorm, during spring, etc.) Some venues may require a subfloor; couples should always consult a venue staff member when renting a dance floor.

Your Ultimate Guide to a Wedding Dance Floor Rental 3
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How big should my dance floor be?

As a general guideline, couples should provide 4.5 square feet of space for every guest. Typically, approximately half of all guests are on the dance floor at any given time. For example, approximately 400 square feet (or a 20×20 dance floor) should be rented for a wedding with an expected attendance of 180 guests. Other dimensions couples should consider:

Size of Dance Floor Expected Guest Attendance
16×20 140
15×15 100
12×12 60
Your Ultimate Guide to a Wedding Dance Floor Rental 4
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How can I make my wedding dance floor even more spectacular?

For couples that want to add a touch of awe to the dance floor, there are plenty of rentals that can put this space over-the-top. Event lighting is one of the best choices, either as uplighting or as a projection of meaningful letters or symbols. String lighting can also set the space apart, and can strung above the area for a rustic or romantic glow. For a more elegant twist, string lights can be hung with draperies that add an upscale look to a wedding reception. (Couples can talk to an event planning specialist for more wedding ideas.)

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