10 Over-the-Top Trade Show Booth Rentals

trade show with blue and white pipe and drapes

A mediocre trade show booth isn’t going to draw a crowd and attract customers—but these stellar trade show booth rentals might.


An excellent presentation isn’t going to get noticed without a screen to showcase it. The size of the screen depends on the intended audience. A smaller screen is perfect for a one-on-one discussion while a large screen can make passerby take notice.


If companies want trade show attendees to stick around, comfortable furniture should be added to the trade show booth rental list. Comfortable chairs, sofas, and tables establish a comfortable lounge atmosphere that makes visitors feel comfortable and welcome.

Bar Stools and High Tables

Bar stools are a great perch for trade show visitors, and high tables can be the site of interactive displays or monitors. To keep attendees in the booth, a high table can also serve as a much-needed charging station.

Sound System

A trade show sound system is guaranteed to get the attention of a crowd. The right sound can establish an atmosphere and make guests feel totally encompassed in the message.


If the focus of a trade show booth is a mainstage event, bleachers can be an essential trade show booth rental. These rentals are the perfect place for spectators and may also require a stage or additional tables and props for a show.


Making visitors feel important is a top priority for companies, both at their primary location and at a trade show. A red carpet can make visitors feel like royalty. A carpet that fits with the booth theme gives the display a top-to-bottom look.

Popcorn Machine

Passing out refreshments to trade show visitors is a long-standing practice. Companies who want to take that practice to a new level by renting a nacho, slushie, or popcorn machine and passing out the delicious products. For a special friends-only event, food service containers can also keep foods warm and presentable for meal times.


This may not be an everyday trade show rental, but for some companies, this one-of-a-kind rental is just the right fit for their brand and trade show booth. A kegerator can be a great draw that brings potential customers in and creates a conversation starter.

Coffee Service

Coffee is a common ground, and a great way to bring potential customers into the booth. For a different twist, a fresh cup of coffee can be a welcome offer to visitors who want to have a discussion with a sales representative.

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