Fall Party Themes Event Planners (and Guests) Fall For


Autumn is a terrific time for events. The Midwestern weather is perfect, and there are so many different fall party themes and event ideas to choose from. These classic event themes are the perfect start to planning a fall bash that captures the essence of the season. 


This popular fall party theme combines the tastes of fall, a cold brew, and the comfortable fall weather. Unlike a summer biergarten, a fall event comes with the risk of chilling cold weather or even—in late fall!—snow. Add in the chance for a late fall heat wave or shower and this outdoor fall event isn’t complete without a party tent. For a bigger impact, a clear tent protects guests from the weather while allowing guests to enjoy the fall scenery.

Sunday Football

This favorite fall sport is the topic of many conversation, so why shouldn’t it be the focus of a party? This is the perfect way to gather friends or customers to watch and cheer for a favorite local team. Whether it’s the Bears or an Illinois college (or another favorite), this is an occasion to go all-out with party ideas. The ideas for this fall party theme are endless: drink and food perfect for the game, décor that screams “go team,” and the big screen that everyone can see.

Harvest Fest

This fall party theme demands décor and a menu focused around favorite fall treats. A fall kids party with this theme can be a series of stations with kid crafts and activities, such as making caramel apples, face painting, and a winding corn maze. An adult harvest fest doesn’t have to be that much different, but can include tastes more suited to an adult palette, such as wines and dishes with fall flavors.

Pumpkin Painting Party

A pumpkin painting party can be the perfect way to gather friends or customers for an enjoyable time together.  Akin to a sign painting party, this can be the perfect getaway or chance to make one-of-a-kind fall home décor. The key to this fall party theme is to adequately protect tables and chairs from ending up as colorful as the decorated pumpkins.

Chef Event

An autumn chef event is more than a sampling; it’s a full-sensory experience with all the different flavors and scents associated with the season. A chef event can be a small-scale event with select dishes that entice friend (or customers), a series of tasting stations, or a group affair that attracts a large audience.

Halloween Costume Party

This is a favorite fall party theme among guests of all ages. For an upscale twist, this theme can turn into an autumn masquerade ball or a casual costume party centered around a movie or another fun theme. Don’t stop there! A Halloween Costume Party isn’t complete without themed refreshments and prizes for the best costumes (or themed costumes).

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