Planning A Winter Event

We are excited to launch the Indestructo Party Rental Blog. Since the Chicago cold is here to stay, the topic for our first Blog is about Planning a Winter Event. Chicago winters can be a challenge for an outdoor event. If you are considering an event that needs more room than your home or facility can handle, don’t worry about the weather. Consider using a winter tent. Here are some ideas to keep the winter wonderland outside while keeping your guests warm and cozy inside your tent.

  • Winter tents need quality sidewalls that are properly secured at the top and the bottom. This will prevent cold air from blowing in and the heat from seeping out. It is necessary to keep the tent at 35 degrees or warmer from the time of installation to the time the tent is taken down.

  • marquee entrance with sidewalls & doors
    marquee entrance with sidewalls & doors

    A covered walkway with sides to the house, building or parking lot will keep your guest warm and out of the elements as they arrive and depart. Use a tent door instead of leaving openings in the sidewall. Tent doors come in a variety of styles to suit almost any occasion. Pictured is a marquee entrance with double doors leading into the tent.

  • Crank up the heat before the guests arrive. Set the thermostat to regulate the temperature. If they arrive and it is warm, they will forget they are outside. Make sure you have enough fuel to heat your tent. Have a designated person to monitor heat and fuel levels.

  • propane heater units outside the tent
    propane heater units outside the tent
    heater diffuser vent inside tent
    heater diffuser vent inside tent

    Propane heater units are the best option to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout a tent. They are placed outside the tent and controlled by an inside mounted thermostat. Hot air is forced into the tent through diffuser vents placed on the ground. The pictures show the heater unit outside the tent and what the vent looks like inside the tent. Patio or mushroom heaters have no blower and only provide a 3’ – 4’ circle of warmth. Since the propane tank is located in the base of the heater they also take up additional space under the tent. Indestructo Party Rental does not recommend these heaters for heating a tent. They are generally used for a small outdoor seating area.

  • Consider a carpeted elevated floor to keep your guests feet off the frozen ground.

  • corporate holiday party - interior
    corporate holiday party – interior

    Use warm, soft colored lighting to create a cozy and inviting environment for your guests. They will add magic, mood and light to a dark winter evening. Pictured is the cozy interior of a winter tent for a corporate holiday party.

  • Add a warm beverage bar with coffee, hot cocoa and tea in addition to the usual liquid refreshments to warm up your guests.

  • You may need to consider snow removal prior to the tent installation.

Don’t let the cold dampen your plans for a memorable outdoor winter party. We hope you finds these tips helpful when planning your unique winter event.  Contact Indestructo Party Rental at 847-375-8510 to help you choose the tent and equipment that is right for you.

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