Top Reasons Why You Should Get a Tent Rental

tent rental

Planning an event for work, a wedding, or another gathering can be quite stressful. This is especially true when it comes to selecting a location. When trying to figure out where to host the event, it can be an excellent option to consider renting a tent to use an outdoor space. 

Tent rentals are becoming a more popular option for party events these days due to the flexibility that they provide. There are several reasons why you should consider getting a tent rental for your next event.

Professional Installation

When planning an event, the last thing you want to worry about is setting up the tent. For this reason, consider renting a tent from our team at Indestructo Party Rental. Our tent rental services will typically come with professional installation. This ensures that you are not left struggling with plant tent poles or getting lost under the materials. You will get a nice setup done by people who are trained to provide quality service. That is another good reason to rent a tent, but you will need to ensure you employ the services of an accommodating provider.

Tents Are Easy To Clean Up

Another good reason to rent a tent is that they are easy to clean up after your event has concluded. Our tent rental company not only offers services for setting up the tent for your event, but we can also offer removal to make the process as pain-free as possible for you. This prevents you from worrying about taking the tent apart and transporting it back to our facility. 

If you prefer to take the tent down, the cleaning staff can fold up the tent and clear out the area within a few minutes. Since most event planners want to keep the cleaning time down, tents are one of the most effective options. Tent material is also easy to clean if an incident occurs. They are often made of materials that do not absorb stains. So, you will be at an advantage if you decide to go with a tent rental for your event.

Provide Protection From the Weather

A tent rental is an excellent way to use an outdoor space when weather conditions here in the Chicagoland area make it difficult to do so. Our tent rentals at Industructo Party Rental can be either heated or cooled. This ensures that you and your guests are able to safely and comfortably enjoy spending time outdoors during the cold winter months or even on the warm summer nights. A heated tent rental can allow you to plan an outdoor winter wedding, a holiday business party, or even a family gathering without worrying about extremely cold temperatures causing chaos or jeopardizing your party.

Protect Your Guests From Bugs

Enjoying an outdoor party can be fun and exciting. However, spending the night fending off gnats and mosquitos can turn the best time into a nightmare. Rather than taking the risk of having your guests left battling nature, you can use a tent rental to ensure outdoor bugs do not become an issue. Our tent rental services provide exceptional side wall options that can fully enclose the outdoor space and keep mosquitos, flies, and spiders away.

Fully Customizable

Our tent rental options are an excellent choice for any event. We offer enclosed tents, pole tents, and various other styles of structures to ensure you are able to find the perfect tent option for your event. Furthermore, we offer decorations, stages, and other elements that enable you to customize the look of your indoor tent space fully. We take great pride in allowing you to create a space that is attractive, meets your color scheme, and helps you create fantastic memories with friends and family.

Consider taking advantage of some of our other services to bring your party to life. Indestructo Party Rental offers stages and dance floors, which can provide your guests with a safe location to dance and gather while inside. Additionally, we offer portable bars and sound equipment to help take your party to the next level.

Create a More Inviting and Intimate Atmosphere

When hosting an outdoor event, there is always a risk that individuals who were not invited may stroll over to enjoy your food, listen to your music, and engage with others as if they themselves were part of the event. A tent rental can help ensure no uninvited guests at your event. Our tents create a more intimate atmosphere where guests they were invited can feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Additionally, our tents provide all of the privacy that you need. 

Helps to Keep Your Food Sanitary

Not only will you benefit from having your guests safe and comfortable, but a tent rental can also help to ensure your food remains sanitary. The very last thing you want is to have the food at your party get spoiled or infested with bugs and other critters. A tent rental can help keep your food inside safe, at the appropriate temperature, and accessible for guests. Furthermore, we offer serving equipment that can further enhance your ability to create a stylish serving area for your guests. 

Get a Tent Rental in Des Plaines, IL

The reasons mentioned above only skim the surface of reasons to rent a tent, but you probably only need a little. You know that renting one is one of the best decisions you can make for your next event. Indestructo Party Rentals is the most reliable place you can go for tent rentals. We have been providing tent rental services to residents and businesses across Des Plaines, IL, and surrounding areas for decades and take great pride in the services and equipment we offer. Not only do we have high-quality tent materials with a plethora of sizes and customization options, but our services and equipment can help elevate your event to the next level so you can create memories that last a lifetime. Contact us for more information about our tents by calling (847) 375-8510.

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