Tent Heating in Chicago: All Your FAQs Answered

tent with sidewalls and tent heating and cooling system

Tent heating and air conditioning is a necessity in Chicago, especially during hot summers and extremely cold winters.These units can be the difference between a comfortable and entertaining event and an uncomfortable event with few guests.

What heating and air conditioning options are available for tents?

There are many different tent heating and cooling options available for weddings, backyard parties, corporate events, festivals, and other Chicago events.

  • Heaters. Tent heaters are an excellent option for keeping guests comfortable at outdoor events. These units are located safely outside of the tent and controlled by a thermostat inside the tent.
  • Cooling.  These units keep guests cool on the hottest Chicago days. Like heaters, they are kept outside the tent. A thermostat inside the tent keeps guests comfortable when the temperatures rise. They are a welcome addition to a clear tent installed in a sunny area or an enclosed tent with sidewalls.
  • Fans. Fans are a great way to circulate air throughout the tent and keep guests comfortable. For a more appealing aesthetic, fans can be installed on the tent to maintain airflow discreetly.
tent heating unit

How can tents be warmed up when the Chicago weather is cool?

These ideas for warming up a tent are perfect for Chicago weddings, corporate events, and backyard parties.

  • Doors and sidewalls. Sidewalls keep warm air in and cold air out. For event planners, sidewalls are available in several different styles that match with décor. Sidewalls can also be paired with doors that create stylish entryways and insulate guests from the cold.
  • Entry way tent. An entryway tent is a great way to connect spaces or protect tents from a cool breeze. These tents are typically smaller and are a great way to create a favorable first impression with attractive décor.
  • Fans. These tent rentals are a great way to keep tents from getting “stuffy” and maintain guest comfort. Fans should be strategically placed throughout the tent. They are available for installation on poles or as free-standing units that maintain air flow.
  • Portable bars. These tent rentals are a great way to warm guests up on the chilliest days. Event planners can stock bars with hot cocoa, warm apple cider, and other drinks that warm guests to the core.
  • Heaters. Heating units keep guests warm in a tent. They are located outside a tent and connected to a thermostat inside for a comfortable atmosphere in the tent.
pole mounted fan at event
Pole mounted Fan

How can guests be kept cool in a tent in summer?

  • Fans. These units maintain air flow, and are a great addition when the tent needs to be enclosed because of rain. Even open air tents benefit from mounted or standing fans.
  • Chill Tables. Chill tables are a great fit for casual events, allowing event planners to cool guests with cool beverages. For a fun twist, take the beverage menu to a whole new level with a fun cocktail or personalized recipe.
  • Portable Bars. Portable bars are an upscale way to serve the beverages that keep guests cool and hydrated. The bars can also be turned into sampling stations where guests can try a variety of summer cocktails, beers, or wines.
  • Air conditioning. Air conditioning units are an unexpected tent rental, but is a guest favorite when Chicago temperatures are hot and steamy.

How much does tent heating and air conditioning cost?

The exact cost of tent heating and cooling units depends on several factors. Event planners should be prepared with event details and contact a tent rental company for a quote. These professionals may also have other recommendations for keeping tents comfortable and a place where guests want to stay and circulate.

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