How to Decorate a Wedding Tent on a Budget

elegant outdoor wedding with how to decorate a wedding tent on a budget

It’s definitely possible to decorate a wedding tent on a budget—especially with these affordable wedding tent decoration ideas. The first part of this wedding planning hack is to create a wedding budget, which can be easily done with this wedding planning checklist or one of these helpful wedding planning apps. The next step is to allocate those budget dollars to one (or several) of these high-impact outdoor wedding décor ideas that make guests (and your budget) say, “wow.” Simply, if you strategically choose a few big décor items, you can make a big statement without busting the budget.

formal outdoor birthday party in tent

Add elegant chandeliers.

Chandeliers exude elegance and go a long way toward creating a wonderful atmosphere, and can easily be rented with the wedding tent. This wedding tent décor idea can be accented with crystals or glass beads that amplify the glow. Floral arrangements, flower petals, candles, or lanterns add to the up-scale feel.

How to Decorate a Wedding Tent on a Budget 1

Choose a natural décor.

Natural décor makes a strong statement with subtle feel. This wedding tent decoration idea comes in many forms, such as potted plants, small topiaries, and garland. For the budget-conscious couple, the best part of this idea is that these centerpieces stand out on their own, without a lot of other accents.

wedding tent with dramatic lighting

Use uplighting to make a big effect.

Uplighting is at the top of the “how to decorate a wedding tent on a budget.” This wedding tent décor idea is an additional cost (and can easily be rented with a wedding tent), but it creates a wedding atmosphere almost all on its own. Perhaps best yet, it creates a big first impression on guests so they walk into the tent completely in awe of the beautiful lighting. Uplighting is also a very customizable option; couples can easily specify the color of the uplighting when they contact a wedding tent rental company.

How to Decorate a Wedding Tent on a Budget 2

Rent a clear tent to bring in the view.

A clear wedding tent checks off many boxes on a wedding planning checklist. It provides cover from rain so guests remain comfortable and brings the outdoors in. The combined effect makes an indelible impression on guests, who soak in the beauty of the outdoors or a soothing pool deck while staying comfortable. As an added bonus, a clear tent is a standalone wedding idea that only requires as much décor as desired. Beautiful outdoor scenery, simple table cloths, lighting, and high-impact centerpieces complete the scene. 

How to Decorate a Wedding Tent on a Budget 3

Have fun with table cloths.

If a more casual wedding picnic is the goal, use striking table cloths to set the scene. This wedding tent decoration idea can be incredibly affordable, and only requires a traditional white wedding tent, bright table cloths, family style tables, and yard games for a fun feel. (Ask a wedding event specialist about huge grills and chill tables or buckets that make the reception into a fun cook-out and outdoor picnic.)

How to Decorate a Wedding Tent on a Budget 4

Be festive with paper lanterns.

Paper lanterns are another big-impact wedding tent decoration idea. Bright paper lanterns add a festive touch to an outdoor wedding. Because they make such a big statement, couples only need simple table settings and décor to complement this unique wedding tent lighting.

drink station at outdoor wedding

Create sampling stations.

Sampling stations are a fun way to entertain guests and give them a unique wedding favor. These sampling stations can be created with tables or portable bars where guests can sample their favorite drinks (i.e. beers, ales, cocktails, etc.) or foods (i.e. cotton candy, desserts, etc.) In addition to being a fun part of the menu, these special treats are a great wedding favor that can be passed out at the end of the wedding.

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